July 5, 2016


Boost a post or event.

This might seem like a blaringly obvious option for increasing your reach and subsequently converting those interactions into bottom-line dollars, but there’s a lot more to Facebook (and now Instagram, thanks to big business buy-outs) advertising than meets the eye. The beauty of the boost tool is in its simplicity – all that’s required is a killer image (caveat: with no more than 20% text, else you risk your ad running minimally or not at all), some witty text (2 – 3 sentences max) with a budget and audience of your choosing and off it goes! Sit back and (hopefully) watch the likes (read: leads) roll in.

Create a Facebook ad campaign from scratch.

All hail Mark Zuckerberg and his team of dedicated minions for developing the heavenly Ads Manager which has changed the way Facebook purposes business activity forever. From identifying your campaign objective to previewing content in multiple formats to exporting all the important stuff into one pretty little spreadsheet, managing advertising on the preeminent social media platform has never been easier. Ads supercede boosted posts in that if you find something is working particularly well for you (or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, is proving to be a gigantic waste of money), you can cease or extend the life of your campaign at the click of a button. Start small when it comes to investment here and work your way up to the big bucks – it might seem intolerably capitalist but Facebook will reward you for it.

Pay to advertise on another brand’s established network.

@abikiniaday – if you don’t already recognise this username then allow us to enlighten you. Two savvy Australian chicks that live most of their lives (and look magnificent in) a lycra-clad two-piece realised that they could capitalise on their “insta-fame” (supported by a legitimate swim and activewear business and blog presence) now reportedly command over $1500 for one Instagram post promoting another label. Whilst that’s preposterously excessive for the majority of companies who are in the process of establishing and growing their online brand, it’s a technique which has proven to be worth its weight in gold. It’s true that you never know where your next customer might come from so it pays to explore the avenues on offer from brands who boast a similar image to that of your own but just so happen to have a lot more people watching what they do. It’s like your best friend in high school – you know you’re just as cool as them but they’re slightly more popular (for now, anyway) so you ask them to put in a good word for you and they willingly oblige because that’s what good friends do. Ipso facto, people decide to come hang out with you too. Hooray! This is where Profile comes in…

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