Ask our HEALTH experts

September 29, 2017

Ask our HEALTH experts

Q: I’ve tried everything to stop feeling bloated and nothing has helped! Will it ever go away?


with Sara Andrew BHSc Nutr. Med. Clinical Nutritionist

Not all hope is lost! Bloating is such a common symptom that I hear about all too often. Unfortunately, sometimes the reason that people experience persistent bloating is often because the treatments aren’t specifically targeting the underlying foundation of our gut.

There are a multitude of different reasons why someone experiences bloating and the treatments may vary for each person, but there are two important areas that a clinical nutritionist considers first – creating strong gastrointestinal tissue and cultivating a thriving microbial environment.

Just like a house needs stable land and a solid concrete foundation, our gut needs its own strong foundations. By providing nourishing treatments for gastrointestinal tissue and ‘food’ for microbes, we are then aiming to reduce inflammation, which is a major biochemical contributor to bloating and all other gut symptoms.

Many treatments will aim to help your symptoms in a roundabout way, and this is why you may only get temporary relief or nothing at all. By targeting the treatment towards a stronger gastrointestinal foundation, we are putting the odds in our favour for lasting results.

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Q: What is the best method of checking for breast cancer?

Breast check

With Dr Sean O’Connor MBBS BSc. FRANZCR, Managing Director

Regular high-quality diagnostic mammograms and clinical breast exams are the most sensitive ways to screen for breast cancer. Digital 3D tomosynthesis mammography is the current gold standard.

The addition of ultrasound to mammography also increases the sensitivity of breast imaging by over 30 per cent, leading to a higher detection rate of early cancer.
However, many women still choose to examine their own breasts.

Women who do examine their own breasts, should remember that breast changes can occur because of pregnancy, ageing, menopause, during menstrual cycles, or when taking birth control pills or other hormones. It is normal for breasts to feel a little lumpy and uneven. It is also common for breasts to be swollen and tender right before or during a menstrual period. Whenever a woman notices any unusual changes in her breasts, she should contact her doctor.

Ask your doctor today for a referral.

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