Authentic leadership

October 1, 2018

Authentic leadership

Researchers have found that feeling authentic at the office has been linked to higher engagement, higher workplace satisfaction, better performance and better overall wellbeing. That’s why authentic leadership has become a gold standard at many companies and I believe there are three secrets to success.

Know you, believe in yourself and be brave enough to show up every day as your true self and lead with passion. This makes authentic leaders stand out, it is their connection to their business as a whole. Leading with your heart doesn’t make you vulnerable, it will inspire others to be more productive and focused.

Be true and authentic, even when it’s terrifying and hard. Show compassion and stand up for others when you know it puts you at risk. When challenged that you are not good enough, know you are and still take one step forward. That’s true leadership.

Carry through and role model this to others to reduce the stigma and fear. Imagine if your most senior leaders honoured and respected the unique strengths and experiences you all bring, instilling true confidence and trust all the way through the workforce.

JeanetteJeanette Allom-Hill
Sunshine Coast Council
Phone: 5475 7272

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