Bringing The Heat

July 1, 2016

Bringing The Heat

As the seasons change, so too does the menu at See Restaurant. See’s owner Antonio Puelma and head chef Nathan Turnbull explain how they’re taking the chill out of winter with their signature Chilean flair.

They’ve cultivated a reputation for exquisite seafood and deliciously bold flavours, and now the team at See Restaurant are showcasing their enviable talent in the kitchen with a mouthwatering new menu of winter warmers.

If there’s one thing we can all confess to loving about winter it’s the food, and when it comes to indulging during the cooler months, See’s new menu certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Hearty, wholesome and rich in flavour, there’s a reason it’s referred to as food for the soul, as it warms from within and makes facing the plummeting temperatures a little more bearable.

“I love being able to braise and slow cook meals using pressure cookers, as it really infuses the flavours,” head chef Nathan Turnbull explains, his words supported by the delicious scents wafting from the kitchen as we speak.

Still heavily inspired by the Chilean flavours of owner Antonio Puelma’s background that See’s regulars have come to know and love, the appointment of Nathan as head chef in April has brought some fresh flavours to the table.

“This menu’s a lot warmer and maintains our emphasis on seafood, but at the same time, we’ve taken more of a char-grilled attitude to certain meats,” explains Antonio.

“Seafood is what I know and love, and it will remain at the forefront of what we do here, but I like to involve barbecue flavours and smoky flavours for that extra depth,” adds Nathan.

The result is a fresh, full flavoured menu that will certainly reward those who brave the cold for a trip to this delightful, marina-side restaurant.

“We have a beautiful Portuguese-style spatchcock at the moment, as well as a Japanese-style barramundi and a Chilean hotpot, which is absolutely delicious as it’s nice and warm, and it’s not too spicy,” Antonio shares, clearly proud of the new dishes.

See Restaurant

“We also have our Chilean mussles. Since it’s the right season for mussles and they’re so fresh, they taste absolutely beautiful.”

Aside from their new culinary delights, See Restaurant is hard at work building the best team to ensure their customers receive the most amazing service possible, and continues to support young locals starting their careers in the food industry, with two apprentice chefs forming the support team behind Nathan.

While it may have been a move introduced by Antonio’s son and former head chef Angelo, Nathan says it’s one he’s happy to continue, explaining that it’s important to foster those with a passion for food to encourage them to stick it out in the industry.

“It’s typically not a very high paying industry and to secure a good job, in a good location, where you can cook good food, all while being paid decent money is a huge challenge. It’s one I’ve only just overcome,” he explains.

“It’s not something you can achieve overnight, you have to work at it and improve yourself, but eventually you’ll reach your goal, and it’s all worthwhile.”

But for Nathan personally, he couldn’t be happier in his role at See Restaurant, and who could blame him – each day he’s exposed to a gorgeous view, great family atmosphere, and a supportive team environment.

“A lot of places you go, you’re just a number, but here you definitely feel more at home,” he says.

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