Build A Life You Love

November 1, 2015

Build A Life You Love

Many people search their entire life for love. Mark Tyson was lucky enough to find his two loves, wife Kerri and construction, early on in life.

He’s up with the sun every morning, bringing his wife a cup of tea in bed before heading onsite for the day. “I’ve done that for 30 years,” Mark smiles. Over time, jobs can often become dull and repetitive but this award-winning builder says every day and every house is unique. “That’s what makes it so interesting. It’s like people. We’re all different,” says Mark.

It’s the variation and challenge of the job which has kept Mark in the trade for more than three decades, finding a sense of gratification in watching his clients’ dreams come to life. “You’ve created what they wanted so they can live their life the way they want to,” he says. “It’s a real buzz.” It was many years ago in New South Wales when a young boy’s interest in building initially sparked. Even now there is awe in his voice as Mark recounts watching the timber shavings fly as his grandfather skilfully carved and crafted pieces in his shed.

Mark grew up in the Sutherland Shire and at 15, came under the mentorship of two Danish master craftsmen. Four years later he had an apprenticeship under his tool belt along with an eye for detail. Recognising Mark’s nous and natural skill, his boss immediately employed him as a subcontractor.

Mark Tyson

“Kerri and I started a partnership installing staircases and sub contracting in 1986. I did a lot of my time in joinery,” Mark explains.

He then went on to do his Certificate IV in Building and in 1991 Tyson Building and Carpentry Pty Ltd and TysonStairs were established. As Mark’s career was progressing nicely so was his life outside of work, and at 20 years of age he married his sweetheart, Kerri. It was in 2001 with their three children in tow, the pair decided to leave the Sydney “rat race” behind and move to the Sunshine Coast. “We’ve met so many different people from so many walks of life that you wouldn’t in the city,” he says.

Keen to keep adding to his skill set, Mark completed a Certificate IV in Project Management, which helped sharpen his skills, giving him added confidence going forward in business. The move to the Sunshine Coast was a positive one for both Mark’s family and his career, and that same year Tyson Homes was established.

“I would never have had the opportunity to build the sort of things we’ve built in the last 10 years,” he says. “I couldn’t do anything without having the family and team of tradesmen I’ve had behind me,” he smiles. “It’s an us mentality, not a you and I mentality.”

Mark TysonAs director, Mark has led Tyson Homes in projects big and small, earning the business recognition in Queensland’s most prestigious building awards.
In 2007, their ‘Walgarri’ project was awarded QMBA’s Best Heritage Style Home on the Sunshine Coast. “Much to my shock it went to state level and won that too. It gobsmacked me actually,” he chuckles.

Mark’s also won the Judges Award for Workmanship 2010 Sunshine Coast, Best Bathroom 2015 Sunshine Coast and most recently The Alan Eichmann Memorial Award for Quality Workmanship for the project ‘Summerglen’. “You put everything into it and you sort of live the job,” says Mark. “At the end of it you’re standing back thinking, wow we built that.”

Receiving accolade from a panel of expert judges who’ve seen countless quality constructions fills Mark with a sense of pride. “It shows you’re genuine, fair dinkum and do good work,” he says. “It just gives you that extra confidence that we’re doing it right.”

With life busier than ever, Mark has noticed the market taking a turn to smaller and more manageable housing and has recently downsized his home to make time for the more important things. After experiencing the mass housing market in Sydney, Mark says he just wants to keep offering a “boutique style service”. “You’ve got to have progression, what’s life if it doesn’t go forward? But really I just want to keep doing what we’re doing.” he says smiling.

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