Clear speech, is it really important?

November 30, 2018

Clear speech, is it really important?

Many parents ask is clear speech really import?  Why do they need to correct their child’s articulation errors prior to starting school. Won’t the errors correct on their own? Won’t it be better to work on them once their child is older?

Not only does correct sound production make a child more easily understood and mature, but it also means that they have a solid foundation of sound knowledge before they start literacy development at school.

Children produce sounds incorrectly because they can’t hear the difference between the correct sounds and the errors they are making, in addition to not moving their oral muscles in the right way to make the correct sound. Children with articulation/sound errors are likely to experience challenges when trying to learn letter-sound relationships, which hinders literacy development.

Targeting articulation errors early is also beneficial for social confidence and building relationships with peers.

Once children start school they are old enough to recognise differences between each other. This can lead to feeling insecure or self-conscious. By six, children should be able to correctly produce all speech sounds.

Claire Follent

Claire Follent
speech pathologist
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