Win a mindfulness program

August 1, 2018

Win a mindfulness program

Be the change you want to see in the world thanks to author and EAP mentor, Russell Sturgess.

Russell Sturgess has been an EAP Mentor (Enhances Awareness Program) on the Sunshine Coast since 2008. As a thought leader in western mindfulness, Russell has pioneered an approach to creating sustainable change in a manner that is different to life coaching and counselling.

Russell personally believes that if enough people (a critical mass of two per cent) were to be committed to living mindfully, then the world would be a much safer, and more joyful place to live. He subscribes to the notion: be the change you want to see in the world.

Profile has teamed up with Russell Sturgess to give away an Enhances Awareness Program called Be Aware, valued at $1975. This 12-14 week personal mindfulness mentoring program will help you navigate the stressors and challenges that life throws at you, with an even keel of inner peace. Russell calls his approach western mindfulness, because EAP relies less on meditation and more on maintaining the awareness of self-loving alternatives. The more self-loving you are the more you will be mindful of the choices in life that better serve you. In this three to four month “date with yourself”, you will be engaged in a gentle process of freeing yourself from the self-limiting beliefs that cause much of your suffering. Being mindful is remembering in each moment that you have a more self-loving option.

valued at $1975

Russell Sturgess
PO Box 1043, Cotton Tree
Phone: 0405 711 771

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