Computers are king

March 1, 2017

Computers are king

Does anyone else play on their phone while watching television? Talk about modern-day multi tasking. And when you’re out and about, take note of people on their phones, engrossed in communication with others, yet ignoring the company of who they’re with. I’m guilty of that one on occasion too. Is it time to switch off?

I was out to breakfast with a friend of mine recently, and as she was ordering her meal at the counter, her young daughter started videoing the goings on and throwing in commentary for good measure, producing a pseudo-documentary of our gathering.

As I watched her navigate her way around her mum’s smartphone I was utterly amazed at her competence – I was witnessing the beginnings of the next generation, one immersed in technology and knowing its function as if it were an extension of themselves.

You never truly realise how much you rely on technology until it’s not there anymore.”

These days laptops and tablets are on the list of back-to-school supplies, and blackboards and whiteboards have become obsolete – which makes me feel a little sorry for today’s youth, it was quite fun having to clean the blackboard dusters, clapping them together as plumes of coloured smoke wafted into the air.

Computers and technology are an integral part of our lives whether we choose to accept it or not (with the exception of one elderly gentleman I know in Caloundra who refuses to own a computer and continues to handwrite all communication with his trusty pen and paper), and they will continue to shape our existence, making it ‘easier’.

You never truly realise how much you rely on technology until it’s not there anymore. A few years ago I was at Rainbow Beach when a cyclone hit Queensland and all power was lost, phone towers were down, even the ATMs and eftpos machines failed, which meant good old fashioned cash was used for essentials only.

But mobile phones are the biggest time consuming culprit – scrolling the internet or checking notifications is often the last thing we do when we go to bed and the first thing we do when we wake up in the morning. And while I’m grateful for the ease it brings to my life (do you ever remember a time when we actually used our brains instead of Googling the answer?) I think I need a detox – I’ve heard it’s incredibly liberating to switch off and enjoy life.

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