Do Your Home Work

June 1, 2016

Do Your Home Work

Paul Anderson from Aspire Estate Agents shares his top tips for making your house more popular with buyers when it comes time to sell.

When selling their house, most people leave it completely up to their real estate agent to work their magic. But what many often don’t realise is that there are plenty of little things they can do to make their property more appealing to potential buyers.

Paul Anderson from Aspire Estate Agents knows all too well the difference a little extra effort can make to the sellability of a property.

“Presentation is key,” he says.

“Make sure the house is nice and clean, get your carpets cleaned, and put some effort into landscaping. If you can do those few things to start, the sale will be much easier because people can see it in the best light.”

Paul also says that many people overlook cleaning the outside of their property.

“A clean roof and driveway really make the property shine and create a good first impression,” he says.

In terms of low-budget areas to focus on, Paul recommends ensuring kitchens and bathrooms are in top shape by cleaning the grout and repairing any cracks in tiles, as these rooms in particular are big sellers — but he also says that people shouldn’t underestimate the power of a good coat of paint.

“Keep it neutral so buyers can imagine their furniture in it,” he says. Finally, Paul suggests decluttering the property, as this will make rooms appear more spacious.

“We can even have your house styled for sale, as modern furniture and prints can give it a totally different feel that is more appealing to buyers,” he says.

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