Don’t Cry Over Spelt Milk

November 1, 2015

Don’t Cry Over Spelt Milk

Mooove over cows, there’s a new milk in town. Made in Tuscany, organic spelt milk is the latest beverage to hit the menu and boasting an array of health benefits has caught the attention of Noosa local Ildiko Tripsanszki, who has come on board as ambassador for the product.

Being a vegetarian half her life, Ildiko Tripsanszki has never really liked milk or even the taste of it, so when she found organic spelt milk in her local grocery store, she had to give it a try.

Not only did Ildiko like it, she was so excited about the product, she called the man who made it himself – Ildiko was rapt to see there was a milk out there which was vegetarian, vegan friendly, lactose and soy free and sugar free.

Ildiko has gone on to work for Poggio Organic Spelt Milk and is the proud ambassador for the product.

“With this milk, you can make absolutely anything from yoghurt, cheese, gelato, and even to put in your coffee. It’s great to put in with your coffee as it froths really well and it’s a healthy alternative to soy or anything other than regular milk,” says Ildiko.

Spelt Milk

Ildiko has been making her way to several local cafes, with the spelt milk in hand, and having owner’s sample some of the milk, with many of them going back for more.

“Hopefully we can find someone who will want to be the first business on the Sunshine Coast to make vegan and sugar free gelato,” says Ildiko.

Having been living in Noosa for the past 14 years, Ildiko’s passion for healthy products and changing people’s lives for the better have become what truly defines her.
“I have a strong desire to bring something new to the people and hopefully changing their lives for the better,” she says.

“And this milk has truly defined me because of my diet, and knowing about people who suffer from lactose intolerance and all kinds of dietary allergies made me more passionate about bringing this product into the light.”

Spelt milk is a pure plant-based drink with a light and delicate flavour, made from 100 per cent from fermented wholemeal spelt.

As a fermented product, it has a natural sweetness without any added sugar. You can use this dairy free alternative with baking cakes, sweets, sauces, creams, custards – almost anything requiring a dairy alternative.

Ildiko says it’s easy to digest and particularly suitable for anyone who suffers from milk intolerance.

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