blogger from the Sunshine Coast, who has studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods from the world’s top health and wellness experts, trained in more than 100 dietary theories and is currently studying health promotion. Ashleigh also inspires people through her Instagram page, sharing snaps of delicious vegan food and her outdoor lifestyle on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Recently, the World Health Organisation declared that there was significant evidence to suggest that eating processed meat can cause cancer. Following this announcement, you may have seen a variety of other articles making their way into the media spotlight related to the benefits of packing more plant foods into your diets. These benefits include reducing your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, a lighter environmental footprint as well as being able to save a bit of cash on your weekly grocery bill. Here are a few simple tips to help you stay healthy when swapping out the animal-based foods for plant-based options. [caption id="attachment_5368" align="aligncenter" width="930"]Ashleigh Jensen Ashleigh Jensen[/caption] Protein – Choose Whole Foods Eating meat-free or reducing your meat consumption often leads people to wonder where they will get a sufficient amount of protein from. For adults, the World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests that 0.82g of protein is required per 1kg of body weight. By simply including foods in your diet such as lentils, tofu, beans, quinoa, oats, plant-based milks and greens, this will ensure your protein bases are covered. [caption id="attachment_5363" align="aligncenter" width="531"]Ashleigh Jensen Instagram Ashleigh Jensen Instagram[/caption] B Vitamins Meat is known for being very high in B vitamins. The good news is, plant-based foods are too. B vitamins contribute to healthy hair and skin, brain health, stress management and energy levels. B vitamins are found abundantly in foods such as nutritional yeast, spirulina, seaweed, chia seeds, almonds and greens. [caption id="attachment_5364" align="aligncenter" width="530"]Ashleigh Jensen Instagram Ashleigh Jensen Instagram[/caption] Iron Iron is important for red blood cell formation in the body, a healthy metabolism, energy and mood. Although meat is a top source of easily absorbable iron, you can also eat iron-rich plant foods to make sure you’re not missing out. Foods you may wish to include are oats, chia seeds, hemp foods, spinach, kale, pumpkin seeds, spirulina and cacao powder. [caption id="attachment_5365" align="aligncenter" width="533"]Ashleigh Jensen Instagram Ashleigh Jensen Instagram[/caption]]]>