Explore Nambour

July 31, 2017

Explore Nambour

Nambour has long been regarded as the poor cousin of the Sunshine Coast, but a newfound pride in the town and string of new businesses opening up shop in the past 12 months has heralded a positive shift.

Walking around the main township of Nambour you can hear laughter of friends catching up over a coffee, or the clip clop of high profile business people walking to another meeting. Nambour has come a long way in recent years and everyone is wanting a large piece of the pie.

Along with savvy investors and business owners identifying the potential in the lower price point of real estate and the increasing capital of growth, residents are also seeing it as a way to enter the market and capitalise on the opportunity of Nambour.

Aside from the monetary value, the resurgence of the township also offers a great deal in lifestyle opportunities, with a growing number of hip cafes and eateries opening up shop, and funky basement bars creating an exciting nightlife in town.

Artisans are also coming to play, with many opening up galleries, collaborating with other existing businesses to create exciting workshops and events, and transforming empty shopfronts into colourful pieces of art.

The arthouse cinema complex has also recently undergone a refurbishment and expansion under the Majestic Cinemas banner, with the addition of four new cinemas varying in size and purpose built to cater for a range of movie genres and community events. Nambour’s Lind Lane Theatre is also a popular choice for theatre buffs and local actors alike, with the intimate theatre regularly putting on witty and clever productions.

It’s obvious Nambour is becoming a cultural hub on the Coast and shows no signs of slowing down, with even more growth on the horizon.

At a glance

5-14 years 12.7%
25-34 years 12.8%
35-44 years 12.3%
45-54 years 12.3%
55-64 years 11.4%
Others 38.5%

Not Married 45.8%
Married 43.2%
Defacto Relationship 11.0%

History hit

From the charm and character of Petrie Park – the namesake creek where the Sunshine Coast’s first settlers arrived in 1870 – to the Nambour Museum, Nambour is bursting with stories of centuries past.

Nambour’s reputation as a battler is forged in the proud history of two hugely successful saw mills belonging to George Etheridge and James Mitchell and Sons and the Moreton Central Sugar Mill Company, which began operations in 1897. A booming era followed, arguably leading to the subsequent establishment of what is now the Sunshine Coast.

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