Festive Resolutions

December 1, 2015

Festive Resolutions

We’ve all done it, greedily indulged over the festive season, then in a food-comatose haze vowed to lead a healthier lifestyle at the turn of the New Year. We often see a life of health and happiness as a fairytale, perhaps at the strike of midnight our fairy godmother will magically melt those kilos away and make our dreams come true.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who eats everything in sight as the days in December whittle away, determined to start the New Year with a clean slate and state of mind.

I also become reacquainted with the gym, having avoided their ‘we miss you’ texts and phone calls for months. It’s a New Year and it comes with a fresh start right?

Around half of the population make New Year’s resolutions, but only eight per cent achieve them. The top 10 are: lose weight, get organised, spend less and save more, enjoy life to the fullest, stay fit and healthy, learn something exciting, quit smoking, help others in their dreams, fall in love, and spend more time with family.

Of the resolutions made at the beginning of 2015, 75 per cent were kept within the first week, 71 per cent made it past two weeks, 64 per cent extended one month and 46 per cent made it past the six-month mark.

I’m not surprised the most common resolution is to lose weight, given it’s top of my list and many of my friends every year. In an attempt to make sure it sticks in 2016, I went looking for some inspiration and came across Dr Cris Beer, a health consultant and specialist in nutritional medicine, who has some nifty ideas to beat the bulge.

Get moving before the end of year
Start an exercise routine before the New Year rolls around, that way you are already in the habit of exercising before the hustle and bustle of the next calendar year starts.

Be prepared to say NO!
You can feel pressured at different gatherings and functions to drink more than you should and eat less healthy options but if you have it in your mind ahead of time that you will politely refuse then it is easier when this situation arises. Eating something light before you go out can also stop you overeating when you get there.

Ask for fitness clothes and accessories
Instead of receiving another pair of socks or scented soap for Christmas this year, consider asking family to buy you some exercise clothing, a pair of running shoes, a Fitbit, a gym membership or even just a voucher to go towards these. This way you will be all geared up and ready to start training in the new year.

Indulge on Christmas Day
Focus on keeping to your healthy eating plan for the whole of the Christmas/New Year period but enjoy indulging on Christmas Day. Do this without guilt knowing that you have been sensible at other times throughout the silly season festivities.

Watch the drinks
Alcohol can quickly add up the calories. With the stress of the end of year close of business preparations, many people turn to too many drinks either at the end of their day or on the weekends to unwind. Consider reducing the alcohol and choosing healthier de-stress tools such as meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and walking

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