Forever After Jewellery

July 4, 2019

Forever After Jewellery

To understand the importance of Quality Jewellery, let us travel back in time, to where it was made to last longer than a lifetime. When it could be passed through the generations. An heirloom to be treasured by the story that it came with – a piece of history that could be held.



Jewellery that was handmade in the 1920s is still present in today’s jewellery Industry. Intricate sculptures are known as Art Deco Style. That is still ever so popular and adored in current trends today! The craftsmanship of this style and the era is mind-blowing. The quality of the skills and the time it takes to produce such an important symbol of love and life.

The Art of Jewellery making has changed dramatically to this day and age. The market seems to be swamped with mass production of the same looking pieces, presenting all levels of affordability but, not longevity. Even the way jewellery is worn is very different. The style of rings has changed to be lower, wider and heavier; able to withstand everyday wear. Practicality is an important element to be taken into consideration. Not only does it need to be aesthetically pleasing, it also needs to be structurally built to endure regular wear and tear.

It is critical when choosing a piece of jewellery that you look at the way it is made underneath, especially in ‘rings’. Is it hollow or solid? Is it light or heavy? Is it able to be resized? In my years of being a jeweller, I have heard far too many heartbreaking stories of how a special piece of jewellery was an incredibly disappointing experience.

It is my goal to educate people in the understanding of the true investment of quality made Jewellery. It is okay to want to wear a ring every day, it just needs to be made to wear that way. It’s like a car – the more you drive it, the more you need to maintain it.

People seem to think that because it is made of metal it shouldn’t wear out. It is a precious metal, softer than most. It’s often thought that 9ct gold is harder than 18ct gold. Durability is the true measure in the long run so 18ct is the better metal to choose when purchasing jewellery. Other than Platinum which is the Rolls Royce of metals!

With so much jewellery to choose from these days. No wonder it can get confusing. The first step is to connect to the person you are speaking with. Feel good about their knowledge in the industry and of their product. Are they listening to what you’re asking for?

For those who like the idea of having something that no one else has – have your own piece made. Your own story to last forever. There are also many different qualities in hand made finishes and design ideas. Each designer jeweller have their own unique twist! It is a true balance of art and skill.

If you have a piece of jewellery that you never take off, I would recommend you have it cleaned and inspected by a qualified jeweller as often as possible! This could save you money in the long run and keeps it always looking its best. It truly amazes me how cleaning an item of jewellery for someone is so rewarding. When it’s finished you witness the wearer falling in love with it all over again.

It is amazing what a bubble bath can do… even for jewellery!



Vanessa Nock






A memory you can hold…

Do you know how lucky it is to have found your passion as a young teenager?  Vanessa Nock does. And every day she is grateful for the life she has spent pouring her passion into creating custom jewellery pieces. As a master craftswoman, Vanessa spent decades creating for renowned jewellery houses. Her signature style and attention to the finest details are now being created into custom pieces, yours to last a lifetime.

Each piece is not only unique but it is a physical representation of your emotions. The emotions and intent that are uncovered during each private design session.
‘The journey one takes in creating a piece of custom jewellery is the beauty of my work – it’s making a connection that requires much trust. It starts with a conversation and a hand-drawn sketch, then hand-making the small sculpture.  When the little box is opened, seeing eyes light up brings me as much joy as my client!’ – Vanessa Nock.

Her style is now recognised as an “Original Ness”. Let Vanessa help you find your UniqueNESS. Attention to the finest details makes each piece unique to its owner.

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