Holiday In Your Own Backyard!

April 1, 2016

Holiday In Your Own Backyard!

Let yourself be amazed at the great palette and scale of this incredible continent. Lose yourself in the rich ochres of Western Australia, deep greens of the Barossa Valley and the crystal blue waters of Tasmania’s Wineglass Bay. Our very own country is a great canvas of glorious colour, myth and beauty.

Travel is always a quintessential experience that leaves you with lasting memories and a breath of fresh air. Australians are well known throughout the globe for wanting to experience new cultures and having an adventurous travel spirit, which is in fact growing with about 35 per cent of the population venturing overseas. However, before you look abroad to start planning your next trip, ask yourself, “have you truly experienced everything your own country has to offer?”

Many people think that in order to have a unique travel experience, they must leave their own borders. The truth is, you can have an authentic travel experience right here in your own backyard! Only here in Australia can you experience the diversity of dry deserts, lush mountains, calm beaches and natural rainforests; alongside trendy modern metropolises that constantly stack high on most livable and most enjoyable cities to live. Our country is full of unique wildlife, ancient indigenous culture, native bush foods, both dramatic and serene landscapes like nowhere else in the world.


Take a memorable journey and embark on a truly authentic tour of the Australian Outback. Discover Karijini National Park’s beautiful waterfalls and sparkling rock pools. Photograph the limestone Pinnacles within Nambung National Park and the 13 gorges carved from ancient sandstone in Nitmiluk National Park. Head to the centre and visit Uluru, one of the world’s greatest natural wonders and listen to the fascinating stories of the Aboriginal people. So much to see and learn about; the local flora and fauna, local bush foods and the Aboriginal Dreamtime stories of the area.


Culinary connoisseurs, get your taste buds ready. If food and wine is your thing, spend some time in our wine regions. Find yourself lying on a beach one day, and at a world-class winery the next! Make your way through the charming wine region of the Clare and Barossa Valleys as well as the famous Margaret River. With a glass in hand, sample the finest reds and whites of the area and discover the intricacies of winemaking. Take a river cruise to get a taste of the waterfront way of life around Australia’s longest river – the mighty Murray River.

Holiday in your own backyard - by Live it Travel

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Have your camera ready when you visit Kangaroo Island and view the incredible collection of wildlife; sea lions and little penguin colonies, migrating whales and rare birdlife, wallabies, echidnas and plenty of kangaroos and koalas. Explore the wonders below the surface as you walk among stalagmites and beneath stalactites inside Naracoorte Caves. These ancient natural decorations are located in South Australia’s only World Heritage Listed site, Naracoorte Caves National Park.

Let’s face it; Australia is so vast and unique that it would take a lifetime to truly experience the entire country for what it’s worth. You can have the most authentic and exciting travel experience right here in your own backyard! Leave the passport at home for your next trip and take a journey around your very own country, growing prouder every step of the way to be able to call Australia home. The sheer magnitude of this extraordinary country will stay with you forever.

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