Injecting Fun into Food

October 1, 2015

Injecting Fun into Food

As the sun rises, the benches are jam packed with donuts, but it’s better than the strawberry-filled kind, they’re the latest food phenomenon – injectable donuts. And these hybrid treats are attracting everyone from teenagers and mothers, to tradies and bodybuilders.

After a recent trip to the United States, Bec and Aaron Craig arrived home with matching surnames, wedding rings and a tonne of foodie inspiration – including delectable injectable donut treats.

When Bec and Aaron introduced injectables to their menu in December last year they had no idea just how popular these sweets would become, “It just went nuts,” says Bec.

Guaranteed to make your mouth water on description alone, these donuts are making waves on social media, luring in people from near and far. With combos like Nutella M&Ms, Honeycomb Condensed Milk, Maple Candied Bacon and Vanilla Nerd Pop-rocks it’s easy to see why people are literally going out of their way to visit Sunshine Sunshine Espresso in Currimundi.

Aaron, who is a barista and graphic designer, is floored by the overwhelming response to the donuts.

Sunshine Sunshine Espresso

“We thought let’s try it, see what happens. We didn’t think it’d last this long,” he says. Gone are the days of the simple cinnamon donut or blueberry muffin. Now baked goods are being combined, altered and served with syringes full of sauces to create the ultimate treat.

“The cruffins and donuts are injectable. They have the syringe so you fill it yourself,” explains Bec, “a cruffin is a muffin with croissant pastry.”

But don’t let this be confused with a cronut – which is half donut, half croissant, in these delicacies, the pastry layers are oozing full of sauces like Sour Cherry Cheesecake or Caramel Custard.

Aaron has the lucky job of taste tester and together the duo comes up with each flavour combination. “I’ve broken so many food processors in the last six months,” laughs Bec.

For inspiration, Bec now window-shops in the confectionary aisle, dreaming up new concoctions. In addition to the small daily menu, specialty injectables are sometimes up for grabs.

“They’re essentially limited edition,” she says. “Just for that weekend or public holiday.”

“We’ve got a few things up our sleeve, we want to keep pushing boundaries.”

Bec hints future injectables may have an element of tanginess and says to keep an eye out for a new menu addition – the croclair.

“A cream filled chocolate eclair inside a caramel croissant,” Aaron describes as “heaven”.

It’s local bakers and suppliers who help the pair produce the goods, which are then assembled and dressed fresh in store. Bec loves to see customers faces when they see the donuts.    “They love it. It’s so much fun,” she says. “With our crazier stuff, we try and have some kind of interaction. Everyone eats them really differently too.”

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