Is your back getting on your nerves?

October 1, 2018

Is your back getting on your nerves?

You own one of the world’s best supercomputers – the central nervous system. The brain and spinal cord process three trillion bits of information every second. This amazing system uses electrochemical impulses to operate and travel up and down the spinal cord at 300km/h, the speed of life.

There is a beautiful flow of vital messages running over this vast network allowing us to function, feel and express life. When the system is running well, we can have our best quality of life.

Sadly, our spine can become stiff and sore and interfere with our nerve system. Over the past decade chiropractors have noticed a growing trend with the increased use of technology. We are seeing people are moving less throughout the day, sitting longer and holding their necks in awkward positions staring at smartphones, iPads and computer screens.

Poor posture and “text neck” are growing problems that chiropractors are treating more in younger people. If you think you or your loved ones might be at risk, book a chiropractic examination today – the earlier any problems are found the better!

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