LADIES AT LUNCH: What is Luxury

April 1, 2016

LADIES AT LUNCH: What is Luxury

When it comes to luxury, there is no one size fits all. But as I recently discovered over a delicious ladies lunch at Peak Wine Bar, Maroochydore there is one luxury most of us crave more of … time.

The dictionary defines luxury as an inessential yet desirable item which is expensive or difficult to obtain. It’s a pretty simple explanation considering how unique its interpretation can be from one person to the next. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not to say we ladies don’t like nice things, but perhaps we are beginning to realise that the existing definition of luxury is just too simple. Everything from our age, to our upbringing to our current situation in life determines what we consider to be a luxury and with today’s increasingly busy lifestyle, time has certainly become a precious commodity, as we try to achieve the elusive work/life balance. I had the luxury of chatting with a group of savvy business women for their take on the matter. Joining me for lunch was owner of Clio’s on Rosemount, Elisabeth Dittlbacher; Channel 7 news presenter, Jo Desmond; Profile’s general manager, Kara De Schot; CEO of Think Money Group, Chris Childs; cluster marketing manager at Sea Life Mooloolaba, Krissi Neal; marketing manager at Mooloolaba Surf Club, Emily Wilson and education, trainer and wealth coach at Think Money, Lynn Levitt.

profile: What is luxury to you?
emily: Something that’s not a necessity and more of a want than a need. It’s something for yourself.
krissy: Beautiful products that make me feel great like a luxurious body lotion or perfume or quality make-up. Time is another one. Not having to set the alarm in the morning or a beautiful night away at a lovely hotel with my girlfriends are some of my favourite luxuries.
elisabeth: Time. To get an evening off is so nice. Just to sit and watch some TV, even if it’s really bad and letting my brain go to mush and not having to think about anything is a luxury. As you get older you get busier and time becomes more precious. I would love the luxury of a cleaning lady.
jo: It has changed over the years but I would have to agree with the other girls, time is probably the most important thing to me now. As the mother of four boys, I’m always trying to catch my breath so luxury to me is having a bit of time to myself. I love reading but I never seem to get time to read one from cover to cover.
kara: Agreed. Time with family is also luxury for me. Having said that, I think it’s still related to money because the more money you have the more time you have to spend with your family. For example, last year we invested in a cleaner, that’s three hours a fortnight I can now spend with my family instead of cleaning. Looking to the future, I am looking forward to travelling more. I have travelled before as a backpacker but would like to go five star next time.
lynn: Definitely family time. Hanging out with my husband and kids and sitting around the dinner table together is precious. Everyone is so busy juggling life and work and now that both are teenagers and working and into their sports, time is even more of a luxury.
chris: Being the oldest one here I have been through all of that so I’m fortunate in that we are enjoying some luxury now. We have recently added a great deck overlooking the river to our home which is a real luxury. Spending time with our family and our grandson, Jax, is pure luxury.

Pork Belly at Peak Wine Bar

profile: Has your idea of luxury changed as you have matured?
emily: At this stage of my life, I love dining out and enjoying time with friends and family and splurging on clothes but I’m sure that will change when I have family commitments.
krissy: Absolutely. When you are younger, I think it’s a little bit harder to define luxury. As you get older you look at it in a different way. For me it can be the smaller things like time. When I was younger I would take those things for granted.
jo: Definitely. Designer clothes and make-up were my thing when I was younger but they become insignificant when you have little people to care for and a family to look after.
lynn: Probably not because I used to run a high-end corporate travel business. I’ve always seen it and felt it and touched it and got to travel quite a lot. I haven’t done so much since I’ve had the kids so I am looking forward to doing it again in style.
krissy: When I was younger, I could put a price tag on it. But as you get older you realise luxury doesn’t have to cost a thing.
tanya: It’s really changed for me because about five years ago I really wanted a diamond ring for my other hand to celebrate 10 years in business as a present to myself but if I had the choice now I would buy a kombi instead so my family could go on trips.

profile: What is the most luxurious item you own?
chris: My jewellery and my Louis Vuitton luggage. I got spoilt for Christmas.
krissi: I really enjoy splurging on products like nice make-up and perfumes.
emily: Dining out. It’s kind of a luxury because I have the time to dine out with friends. Exploring different places to try out.
lynn: My wedding ring.

profile: What luxury could you not live without?
emily: Travel.
jo: Good food. Travel and rest and relaxation with my family.
kara: My car with bluetooth. I bought myself a new car last year and it was the first one I have had with bluetooth. I can talk to people, I can organise things with my husband. It’s the best thing ever and I couldn’t live without it now. It’s worth its weight in gold.
lynn: My husband Craig. He does all the cooking and I always get a glass of wine handed to me after work. He’s a great entertainer, he’s the whole package really. I really miss him when he’s not around.
tanya: Nice perfume and skin care.
krissy: Is it sad if I say social media? It keeps me in touch with my friends and family back in the UK.
chris: Airconditioning. That’s it.

Peak Wine Bar

Nestled amid the foodie mecca that is Ocean Street, Maroochydore, Peak Wine Bar offers a contemporary dining experience, serving up a creative mix of tapas in an inviting space.
Designed by owner, Colin Cameron, the restaurant is an eclectic mix of concrete, timber, gold and vegetation, with bespoke artwork and furniture.
The wall-to-wall mural is a stunning eye-catching piece of art that really sets the tone.
On the day of our visit we were treated to a selection of some of the most popular choices from the tapas menu and each morsel was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.
Peak promotes locally farmed and foraged produce and makes everything in-house where possible, their menu changing to reflect the season.
The tapas menu is available all day and offers a delicious range of choices including roasted pork belly with apple, fennel and radish; pan fried haloumi, baby beetroot, hazelnut and cress; southern fried chicken wings with hot sauce; citrus cured tuna, avocado, crisp tortilla and pickled jalapeno; mushroom, feta and caramelised onion truffle pizza; sticky Moroccan lamb ribs, pomegranate and sesame and lots more!
Peak also offers delicious sliders including pulled pork and soft shell crab and freshly shucked Coffin Bay oysters served with a variety of sauces as well as a great wine list.
It’s the perfect spot to catch up for lunch, dinner or anytime really! They also cater for functions of up to 60 people.
I will definitely be back to sample a few more of the tapas!
Shop 4, 11 Ocean Street, Maroochydore  –  Phone: 5443 1548

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