Leading Ladies of the Sunshine Coast: Elizabeth Fairon

March 29, 2018

Leading Ladies of the Sunshine Coast: Elizabeth Fairon

Dedication and passion are the keys to Elizabeth Fairon’s success. After 13 years of providing family law solutions , she has rebranded her firm and launched a new book, Trust Yourself. We catch up with the leading lady to hear all about it.

With Australians spending less and less time in each job, (3.3 years on average according to mccrindle.com.au) it’s rare to come across a business owner in any industry who’s spent 10 or more years in a role. Elizabeth Fairon of Life Law Solutions is breaking that mould after dedicating 13 years to her practice.

In 2005 she joined what was then called Frank Carroll Solicitor for practical legal training during the final year of her law degree.

“I went there for work experience, was offered a job on the second day and I haven’t looked back,” she says.

She became a partner alongside Frank Carroll in 2009, after she tackled family law, estates, property and whatever was thrown at her for four years (the average amount of time someone of her generation stays in a position). Then, in 2015, she acquired the firm from her mentor and partner to become the sole owner of Carroll Fairon Solicitors. Elizabeth is now the owner and principal lawyer of the firm, which just re-launched under the name Life Law Solutions.

Elizabeth’s Business Tips:
• Understanding your limits is key
• Seek advice always and often
• Having a mentor and advisor is of tremendous value

Surprisingly, she never planned to be a lawyer. The inherently curious Elizabeth changed her degree from education to law purely because a friend was studying it and it seemed interesting.

“At the time, I didn’t have this overwhelming sense of justice driving me to study law. I’ve learnt since that I have a natural sense of curiosity so it probably explains why I studied law because it was interesting,” she says.

This inquisitive nature led Elizabeth to finish two more degrees; a Masters of Law and a Masters of Applied Family Law. As a book-lover, life-long learner and business owner, it’s no surprise that

Elizabeth is planning to start a Masters of Business Administration in the next 12 months.

To top it all off, 2018 marks the 20th year of her firm, which inspired Elizabeth to not only rebrand the practice but launch her own book.

“We’re now called Life Law Solutions because we help people find solutions for legal problems they have in their life.”

“Moving into this year we wanted a fresh start. We moved away from that traditional surname/surname practice. We asked, what is it that we really do? Life Law is what we do. We focus on family law, estates and property and they’re mainly the transactions that normal people have to deal with,” she says.

Elizabeth is tremendously passionate about family law and dedicates her life to helping everyday people resolve their legal matters. With her calming presence, passion for helping others and years of experience and commitment, she takes the stress out of what can otherwise be a daunting and intimidating experience.

Her book titled, Trust Yourself: How Empowered Decision Making Can Help You Resolve Your Family Law Matter, was written by Elizabeth to provide the same sort of relatable help to families with a legal matter.

Elizabeth’s Tips For anyone going through a separation:
• Seek out knowledge about all of the variables at play in the family law system
• Looking after yourself is a priority
• Seeking advice early on will set you on the right path

“It’s based on my thoughts over my years of experience about how people can make the most out of the family law system for what it is. It’s not a perfect system, there are huge delays and if you can work out a way that you can get out of the system and try to resolve your matter that’s far better than waiting two to three years for a judge,” she says.

Elizabeth says the book is for prospective clients, people who are separating, or those who are already in the system and need more information about the family law system. She provides tips on what to do, what not to do, how you can make the most out of the system for what it is, and different ways of resolving your matter.

“My practice is very much about making sure you work out what you want to achieve regardless of what the law says; working on what your goals are and putting them in place,” she says.

Her home city is another passion of Elizabeth’s, who resides in Peregian Beach with her husband and their two dogs.

We love our Sunshine Coast clients and we love helping people on the Coast. I know that Sunshine Coast clients want to deal with local people and we are local people. All the team who work here live here. We’re very much locals supporting locals,” she smiles.

With a career driven by passion and commitment, this leading lady is a true inspiration to many young women looking to start a career in law, or any industry for that matter.

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