Leading Ladies of the Sunshine Coast: Nikki Fogden-Moore

February 1, 2018

Leading Ladies of the Sunshine Coast: Nikki Fogden-Moore

No stranger to the pages of Profile, Nikki Fogden-Moore graced our cover in January 2015. The entrepreneurial game-changer has since cemented herself as one of the Sunshine Coast’s most influential leaders, which makes it fitting that she is our first Leading Lady of the Sunshine Coast.

When I met with Nikki Fogden-Moore at her beautiful Mount Coolum beach house on a seemingly normal Tuesday morning, she could easily have been any professional working from home.

But after a run down of her schedule; which included filming her YouTube channel, coaching clients, editing videos, writing articles for her regular magazine columns, meetings, and jumping on a red-eye trip to Melbourne that evening, where she’d be speaking and coaching at events; I realised this was no ordinary human – I was witnessing The Vitality Coach in action.

“You’ve got 1440 minutes in a day and it’s how you divide that up and how you work on a daily basis that allows you to have winning weeks, masterful months and remarkable years,” she says, as I sit back in awe.

This is just one of the countless ways of thinking that has made Nikki a sought after coach for CEOs and entrepreneurs around the globe.

After starting her career in global advertising agencies at a young age, she was regularly asked by her international clients about how she stayed so energetic, despite working long hours all over the world. That’s when she decided to share her tips with others.

“I started coaching on the blend of personal and commercial, and healthy, wealthy, wise. And making sure that the CEOs and the executive teams were agile mentally and physically,” Nikki explains.

For the next 20 years, and across several countries, Nikki fine tuned and perfected this coaching process, all the while juggling a nutrition degree, sporting events, personal training of clients, running her own athlete management agency, ad consulting, running retreats, and writing and training for Women’s Health and Fitness magazine.

You’ve got 1440 minutes in a day and it’s how you divide that up and how you work on a daily basis that allows you to have winning weeks, masterful months and remarkable years.”

Nikki has gone on to write two books, Vitality and Fitpreneur, sold worldwide, with two more coming out shortly. She now runs a YouTube channel and podcast, and writes regular columns for The CEO Magazine, Australian Financial Review and Huffington Post.

Nikki’s approach to her coaching is based on six pillars of ultimate vitality; administration and productivity, health and wellbeing, friends, family, me time, and giving back.

“I specialise in working with people’s personal and commercial landscape. To provide the roadmap enabling that magic blend for sustainable success. Ultimate leadership means being the CEO of your business and your life,” she says.

The New Zealand-born ‘mojo maker’ attributes her work ethic to her parents, and that Kiwi can-do attitude, but says her approach to life has been with her since childhood.

“There are two types of people in life – people that life does stuff to and people who do things with life – I think I’ve always been the latter,” says Nikki.

“There are always roadblocks and challenges and the more successful you become, often more responsibility comes with that. It’s crucial to define what your awesome looks like, how to go from chaos to calm and choose your perspective.”

A proud resident of the Sunshine Coast, Nikki chose to set her business up here nine years ago and in 2018 is making more time to work with CEOs, founders and high performing companies based here.

“After doing this work globally and on a national basis for so long it’s important for me to be able to give back, create some great foundations here on the Coast and to work with local businesses and entrepreneurs who are driving to create dynamic high performing results.”

Continuing to divide her time between writing, coaching, speaking, retreats and Corporate Vitality programs, Nikki will also work with hand selected partners to deliver workshops for startups and established entrepreneurs wanting to take their business and brand to the next level, while blending their personal life and creating a sustainable plan for legacy and success.

“It will be about giving back to the community. My vision is to be the go-to coach for CEOs, entrepreneurs and people who do things with life,” she says.

With a vision for nurturing and sustaining local businesses, Nikki hopes to change the mindset that you have to leave the Sunshine Coast to have the best experiences.

“There are so many opportunities to build a solid foundation of excellence in business on the Coast and to bring in the ingredients of people, purpose and performance and deliver to global clients,” says Nikki.

According to the Queensland Government, the Sunshine Coast region is home to 60,918 small businesses, with 60.8 per cent being sole operators. This is why Nikki says it is crucial to support the founders and businesses to create long term success and growth.

“I’m passionate about business on the Coast, I’m passionate about global business being based here, about bringing large companies that I work with to consider having hubs out of here too. We need to stop saying, ‘It’s just the Coast’.”

After speaking to 200,000 people and working with hundreds of CEOs all around the world, Nikki Fogden-Moore is about to bring a shake-up to the Sunshine Coast and we can’t wait to see her wisdom benefit businesses and professionals in this burgeoning city.


“I believe that you need a strong team around you when you take on the responsibility of being a CEO. Part of my strategy was to seek the support of an executive coach as a key member of my support team. I spent some time researching a number of potential executive coaches and was fortunate to locate Nikki here on the Sunshine Coast. I listened to her podcasts and read her books before reaching out to her and engaging her as part of my team. I continue to appreciate her vitality for both personal and commercial success. Nikki is highly experienced, empathic and authentic and she is an essential part of a leader’s dream team.”
– Russell Mason, CEO Suncare.

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