Leaving a Legacy

November 1, 2015

Leaving a Legacy

The dictionary defines an entrepreneur as a person who sets up a business, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit, but I think that definition does them an injustice because it could be argued that definition extends to all business people, given that is the whole point of being in business isn’t it? To make profit?

Rather I see entrepreneurs as exquisite creatures, drawing new boundaries and coming up with incredible ideas others would have thought impossible.

What’s even more impressive is when those said entrepreneurs are young, paving the way for a successful and colourful career ahead of them.
But it got me thinking – when people experience success at such a young age, what will they be remembered for? What is their legacy?

I once saw a photo of Audrey Hepburn which said, “Audrey Hepburn was the granddaughter of a baron, the daughter of a Nazi sympathizer, spent her childhood and teens doing ballet to secretly raise money for the Dutch resistance against the Nazis and spent her post film career as a goodwill ambassador of UNICEF, winning the presidential medal of freedom for her efforts. And history remembers her as pretty”.

It’s a similar story for Elizabeth Taylor, the decorated award-winning actress with a career spanning six decades, having been signed as a child star with MGM, is equally remembered for her eight marriages and seven husbands.

But what some may not know, is she was a generous philanthropist. In the ‘80s, she started raising awareness and funds to find a cure for HIV/AIDS. Her passion and commitment helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars at a time when few would even acknowledge the disease. After cofounding the American Foundation for AIDS Research and establishing the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, she received multiple accolades honoring her work, and the foundations continue to raise exorbitant amounts of money today, in the wake of her death in 2011.

While Audrey and Liz were and still are more famous for their lives on the silver screen, it didn’t stop them from making a difference in this world until their dying day, which is a poignant reminder to never give up and to always find a way to be remembered – the only difference is they looked damn good doing it.

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