Let’s Chat: Lust For Life

February 1, 2018

Let’s Chat: Lust For Life

Visiting a new city or country or returning to your favourite stomping ground evokes a delicious sense of whimsy, where it almost feels like time stands still as you escape normality for a moment and truly relax and immerse yourself in your surroundings – a beautiful feeling we should express more in our everyday life.

Every morning and every afternoon, I drive past the Big Pineapple, where more often than not there are groups of people gathered at its base, posing for a photo at this iconic landmark and tourist destination. It’s so easy to become complacent when you see or do something on a regular basis, that all it takes is someone to point out its beauty or spectacle to snap you back to reality.

Appreciate the beauty that surrounds, no matter whether you’re on that long-awaited vacation or on your way to work, be grateful and truly live in the moment.”

Living here on the Sunshine Coast, which is one of the most lust-worthy travel destinations in Australia, we are surrounded by this; from the picturesque coastline, lush hinterland, and everything in between. We are so lucky to call this place home, it’s important not to ever forget that.

Think about when you’re on a holiday, you soak up every tiny detail – light coming through the trees, the doorway to a beautiful home, a bucket of flowers out the front of a shop, a man sitting on the bench reading the newspaper – all things that could easily exist in your own hometown, which you most likely pass by without even realising.

Avid users of social media, or keen photographers, take this one step further, often snapping a photo of the aforementioned details to share with their friends, family, followers.

It’s a reminder to ‘stop and smell the roses’ and appreciate the beauty that surrounds, no matter whether you’re on that long-awaited vacation or on your way to work, be grateful and truly live in the moment.

Fall back in love with life, every part of it, and you’ll be surprised how much your whole perspective changes. Actively acknowledge those moments, people and things you’re grateful for, and your overall perspective changes, rather than dwelling on things that may not have gone your way and letting that negativity overrule your whole day.

I recently read a retrospective letter by a young lady whose life was cut too short and in it she talked about just that, how important it is to appreciate life and all the precious gems within it, it’s a reminder to squeeze everything out of every day – we all have 24 hours a day, what do you choose to do with those hours and how does that correlate with what you want out of life?

And do those things you’re always talking about doing, stop making excuses – invite your friends over for that home cooked meal, finish that book you’re halfway through, and go on that holiday you’ve been dreaming of!

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