Mothers are special

May 1, 2017

Mothers are special

It’s that time of year again, when we get to tell our mums just how special they are. To celebrate Mother’s Day, we caught up with a bunch of lovely ladies and their mums to discover some of their best memories as well as some gems of advice on motherhood. Get the tissues ready.

Becoming a mother is one of the most monumental life changers. The unconditional love you feel for this tiny human you have created and brought into the world is simply immeasurable. From watching them take their first steps, to drying their tears after their first teenage break-up to walking them down the aisle on their wedding day, it’s the toughest and most rewarding job in the world.

Maternal love is a bond like no other and having a child of your own certainly makes you appreciate your own mum even more. It’s so important to tell our mums just how special they are and Mother’s Day is a chance to do just that. Speaking of which, I had the pleasure of chatting with a bunch of lovely mums and their daughters about the unique bond they share over a delicious high tea at Aimee Provence at Buderim. Needless to say, there were plenty of laughs, tears and reflection as us ladies did what we do best – talk! Joining me was mother-of-eight (yes you read that correctly) Katrina Bowen and her mum Jeanie Jensen, a mother-of-four and grandmother-of-12 herself; mother-of-two Sue Small and one of her gorgeous daughters Kylie Minchev; and mother-of-three, Katherine Jennings and one of her daughters Freyja Jennings, a young mother of two.

profile: What’s the most special thing about being a mum?

sue: The pride you feel when you realise you have raised really good people. To sit back and think, ‘I created that’, is pretty awesome. When Kylie got married recently, both my husband and I walked her down the aisle and during my speech I said, ‘Kylie your parents have done an amazing job raising you!’. My children have seen a lot and lived a lot, but they have come out as the wonderful adults they are and I couldn’t be more proud.
katherine: Raising my three children and watching them grow into the people they have become. I have been at the births of all my grandchildren and that is so special. I will never forget it. I’m so lucky that I have Freyja and her partner living with us. It’s that warm feeling with the kids running around that I love. It’s nice to be the grandmother and spoil them and then Mum and Dad can discipline.
freyja: It’s everything. Even the not so good days. The other day, the children were so naughty together, they were both covered in dirt and even though I was ready to pull my hair out, they both started giggling and it just made me feel so happy. Even in the bad moments you find happiness. I think parenting breaks you but then builds you back up again.
katrina: I think sometimes you are afraid that by having children you won’t have an identity, but you find that they become part of your identity, which isn’t a bad thing. You live for them and through them and they do bring you so much joy even when they are very naughty. They intrinsically become your world and you couldn’t really have a better world.
jeanie: Seeing them all grow up. My heart breaks for mums who lose children. We have had so many things thrown at us but I have never lost one and I don’t take that for granted. I thank God for that. All of our children are adults and now we are starting on the second generation. We have 12 grandchildren and to think God has blessed us with such whole, purposeful kids and grandkids is actually miraculous for me. My last grandbaby was my youngest daughter’s son, Hendrix. It was so wonderful to see her so overwhelmed with love when he was born.

Mum is always there for me, she’s my best friend. She’s also like a mother to my girlfriends. We love to grab a blanket, sit on the couch and just talk.”
– kylie minchev

profile: What is your best advice for new mums?

jeanie: Trust your intuition. Somehow there is this internal compass within us that just knows what to do. As a mother it comes to the fore.
katrina: I think the same. Trust your natural instinct. You question yourself so much but you do know what to do. Trust your gut and know that you can only give your best every day. Love, listen and give with what you have each day, some days you have more to give than others and that’s okay. If you got overwhelmed today, tomorrow is another day, it’s another opportunity to do it better. There is nothing wrong with saying sorry to your children, particularly to your teenage children. There is always support through your mum, sister and friends. That’s why women are quite unique, they band together to find the answers.
freyja: Take advice from other people, but don’t absorb too much of it to the point where it can affect you. People always have lots to say. Listen, but don’t take too much of it on board.  Do what works for you.
katherine: Follow your heart and your instincts. I would never interfere with the way my girls have brought up their children. I think they have done an amazing job. I love sitting back and watching my children become parents, it’s a very warm feeling.
jeanie: I’ve always believed if you create a great platform for your kids, they can only stand on your shoulders and be better than you. They are going to be another shoulder up. There is an expectation that our grandchildren will stand on their shoulders.
sue: My funny advice is you should have got a dog!  – just kidding. You should never take things too seriously. My other daughter, Brooke, grew up without touching any of the five food groups and she grew into the most stunning, healthy, clever woman. I used to worry until one doctor said to me one day, ‘Instead of concentrating on what she doesn’t eat, look at what she does eat’. Don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t always believe what you are told by your kids. There is a lot to be said for tough love, I can see the benefits of that. Sometimes you need to stand firm but in the long run it’s worth it. You always need to set boundaries.

profile: What is your fondest memory with your mum?

kylie: There have been so many but I would have to say just recently, when I got married. Mum and Dad gave me away and her speech was just beautiful. Mum is always there for me, she’s my best friend. She’s also like a mother to my girlfriends. We love to grab a blanket, sit on the couch and just talk.
katrina: There are so many, but one memory always stands out for me. I remember when I had a break-up with a boyfriend, she would take me to the hairdresser and we would get our hair done! That meant so much. Mum always just made it better! She was always there and always practical.
freyja: It’s not a big thing, but I look forward to spending every Monday with Mum –  it’s our day. It might just be a coffee or watching a movie, but it’s our time and I won’t give it up for anyone!

profile: What has been the most precious moment with your children?

katherine: Standing back and watching them all is amazing. To see them develop and be their own people is so rewarding. We never pushed them, they found their feet when they were ready.
sue: I think it’s now when they are adults. All the stress of when they were little is over and even though you will always be their mother, it’s just the best friendship too!
jeanie: Journeying with your children brings massive rewards and we are all great friends. Then when they have children of their own you fall in love with them too. They seem so familiar when they are born. You don’t have to get to know them you just love them. It’s actually a miracle when you think about it. Each little one, we just love them to bits.

Aimee provence
There is something about the elegance and charm of a traditional high tea that is so feminine and special, hence the decadent setting at Aimee Provence High Tea Parlour in Buderim could not have been a more fitting venue for our group of lovely mums and their daughters to celebrate Mother’s Day this month.
Owner Aimee Russell is passionate about delivering a top class experience and it shows in the impeccable detail –  from the gold-rimmed Christina Re crockery to the freshly-cut flowers and ornate chandelier, nothing is overlooked.
On the day of our visit, we were treated to the Luxe High Tea. Ornate tiered plates arrived to the table enticing us with a selection of elegant ribbon sandwiches with fillings including smoked salmon, dill and lemon mayonnaise, egg mayonnaise and cress, cream cheese, cucumber and chives and a range of savoury canapés.
Sweet selections included French macaroons, fluffy scones with clotted cream and fresh strawberries and other delightful morsels.
Two of our guests requested gluten free options, and both ladies were specially catered for on the day with a delicious array of alternative treats.
Diners are spoilt for choice when it comes to the selection of organic teas, including chai masala, pearl jasmine, mixed berry, liquorice peppermint and fennel to name a few as well as premium coffee from Clandestino Roasters.
There are a range of high tea menu options available as well as Devonshire tea served every day and if you fancy a glass of Pimms or bubbles to enjoy with your high tea, BYO is available at $3 per guest.
Do yourself a favour, grab your mum, sister or group of friends and spoil yourself with a high tea at Aimee Provence, you deserve it!
Aimee Provence High Tea Parlour
1-100 Burnett Street, Buderim
Phone: 5453 7087

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