Riding the airwaves of success

May 11, 2017

Riding the airwaves of success

Bursting with fun and boasting not only the hottest hits of now and old school, but the most popular shows in the country, 91.9 Sea FM is the Sunshine Coast’s number one station for under 40s.

Combining the perfect blend of original local content, familiar faces and of course, the best beats, 91.9 Sea FM has cemented itself as the hottest radio station on the Sunshine Coast for locals under 40.

Playing a combination of today’s biggest songs and the greatest hits of the ‘90s and naughties, their clever introduction of RnB Fridays last year has tapped into the nostalgia of the Coast’s younger audiences and become a much-loved part of the station’s programming.

Add to that a killer lineup of hilarious and wildly popular announcers, and all the latest celebrity gossip, and it’s clear 91.9 Sea FM is onto a winning formula.

Representing the Sunshine Coast locally is Sea’s cheeky and honest breakfast duo, BarRat and Jess, who have been connecting with listeners through their outrageous and at times raw stories since 2013.

Helping listeners get through their work day are fellow locals, Holly and Ethan – the announcers who guide us through Sea’s upbeat morning and afternoon programs and keep the hits coming.

Then comes what is arguably the most popular lineup of personalities across the nation, with The Project’s Carrie Bickmore and comedian Tommy Little kicking off the 3pm to 4pm hour, followed by Australia’s favourite besties, Hamish and Andy, and shock-jocks Kyle and Jackie O.

The fun doesn’t stop on weekends either, with a variety of current countdowns providing the perfect playlist for wherever your adventures take you.

With over 380,000 followers on Facebook; 605,600 views on their web page, and a weekly post engagement of up to 1.7 million, only one station has its finger on the pulse of life on the Sunshine Coast for Generation X and Y.

So whether you’re looking for a radio station that you can relate to as a listener, or you’re a business looking for effective broadcast advertising that will reach your target audience, make the switch to 91.9 Sea FM and join the thousands of locals who have made it their go-to for engaging listening.

Who’s listening to 919.9 Sea FM?

  • 78,148 people tune in weekly (that’s 26% of the Sunshine Coast!)
  • 33,239 or 43% of those listeners are men and 44,894 or 57% of those listeners are women
  • 28.8% of people aged under 40 on the Sunshine Coast listen to Sea FM most, making it the number one station for locals under 40!
  • Of the 10-39 age demographic, 28.3% listen to breakfast, 23.5% tune in for afternoons, 23.6% listen to drive and 27.1% tune in for weekends.
  • 31.9% of women aged 18-39 on the Sunshine Coast listen to Sea FM most.
  • 23.5% of people aged under 55 on the Sunshine Coast listen to Sea FM most.

*These statistics are according to Xtra Research Sunshine Coast Survey 1 2015

Get with the program

Sea FM is the home of:

  • Collective Noun, 12am-2am weekdays
  • Hits and Old School, 2am-5pm weekdays
  • BarRat and Jess, 5am-9am weekdays
  • Holly, 9am-12pm weekdays
  • Ethan, 12pm-3pm weekdays
  • Carrie and Tommy, 3pm-4pm weekdays
  • Hamish and Andy, 4pm-6pm weekdays
  • Kyle and Jackie O, 6pm-7pm weekdays
  • All Aussie Adventures, 7pm-8pm weekdays
  • Ash London Live, 8pm-11pm

Also home of:

  • RnB Workout, 9am-3pm weekdays
  • RnB Fridays, 9am-3pm Fridays
  • Weekend Breakfast with Bree and Gawndy, 7am-9am Saturdays
  • VEVO20 Countdown, 6pm-8pm Saturdays
  • Old School House Party, 8pm-12am Saturdays
  • The Queen Sesh, 7am-9am Sundays
  • Osher’s Love Line, 8pm-10pm Sundays
  • HitAU, 10pm-12am Sundays

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