Small Lot Housing

August 31, 2018

Small Lot Housing

Small lot housing is land with an average width less than 15 metres and an area less than 450m² including terrace homes on lots as little as 100m².

Small lot housing is on the rise for a variety of reasons, some of them being: 

Affordability – save costs on the size of the house and the land, which means better housing affordability for the everyday Australian.

Estate lifestyle – not only is it more affordable, but you also have the security and sense of community that comes with living on an estate, without the added cost of body corporate fees.

Resale and rental value – the combination of a small lot, a modern, clean home, single or double storey with up to four bedrooms, makes for an excellent investment property.

Less house maintenance – spend more time on things that matter. 

With all these benefits, you might imagine that small lot housing is something most builders are comfortable building, but that is not
the case. In fact, even on the booming Sunshine Coast, we are one of the few builders to specialise in small lot housing.

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