Style Council

October 1, 2015

Style Council

With her long ebony hair and youthful effervescence, Sunshine Coast model and fashion blogger Shelby Hamilton is gaining traction in the industry. Most recently, Shelby joined the Supré Girl Gang for the brand’s July campaign along with international model Inka Williams, actress Charlotte Best and digital influencer Sarah Ellen. She shares her love of fashion with Profile Magazine.


Profile: Who was your earliest influence when it comes to fashion?
I’m really inspired by characters so my earliest influence would’ve been Madeline, Ludwig Bemelmans’ adored little French, charmingly impetuous, irrepressible, mischievous and precocious character.

Profile: How would you describe your own fashion style?
Shelby: My style stems from characters, and being able to portray a type of person through my clothing. I just love being inspired. 
I wear things that make me feel comfy and happy.

Profile: What do you love about styling your outfits?
Shelby: I love styling my outfits to suit my mood at the time. What I’m wearing always reflects how I feel on that particular day.

Profile: What is the current fashion trend you’re loving?
Shelby: I love the ‘70s vibe coming back through because it has a big focus on prints, which I love!


Profile: What is the must-have fashion item we should all have?
Shelby: A statement denim piece. Whether it’s a high-waist denim skirt worn with sneakers or a pair of denim flares – you can never go wrong with denim.

Profile: What will you be doing as part of the Supré Girl Gang?
Shelby: Being a part of the Supré Girl Gang is all about celebrating and empowering girls. So I want to give as much support and love to my girlfriends, as well my followers – they’re all really great and funny people. Oh and I also get to hang out with the Girl Gang on set, which doesn’t feel like work at all!

Profile: How did you get into blogging?
Shelby: I just wanted to create, so I started my blog. Creating things and expressing myself is what keeps me alive, it’s my escape. I am excited to see where all of this takes me.

Profile: How did you get into modelling?
Shelby: I started modelling when I created my own photo shoots at home for my blog. I’ve always loved dressing up. I pretty much hyperventilate when I see pretty clothes, so for me it doesn’t feel like work at all. I got to head along to Fashion Week this year, which was so much fun. Being part of the Supré Girl Gang and shooting the last campaign has definitely been 
a highlight.


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