Style counsel – Carlie Wacker

September 1, 2017

Style counsel – Carlie Wacker

Voted the best dressed woman on the Sunshine Coast last year, Carlie Wacker knows a thing or two about fashion. Profile catches up with the bubbly Mix FM radio announcer, emcee, and style editor who shares her top fashion tips to have you right on trend this spring/summer season.

profile: How would you describe your signature style?
carlie: Modern classic with moments of boho luxe.

profile: How has your sense of fashion changed over the years?
carlie: I always embrace new trends but I’ve grown to appreciate fabric, cut and craftsmanship more.

profile: What is your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe right now?
carlie: A leather biker jacket from Cabin and Cove.

profile: What has been your favourite era in fashion?
carlie: The late ‘60s and ‘70s.

profile: What do you consider the worst era in fashion?
carlie: Everything about the early 2000s was wrong! Peasant tops, cowl neck halter tops, layered singlets – let’s hope we never see that lost era in fashion again!

profile: Your biggest fashion blunder?
carlie: Early 2000s. Oversized 3/4 cargo shorts – not cool!

profile: What is an item in your wardrobe you could never part with?
carlie: My blush coloured velvet cape. I know the velvet and cape trends will pass but there is something so luxe about wearing it.

profile: What has been your biggest investment when it comes to your wardrobe?
carlie: A great quality handbag or statement clutch is always a good investment. My Louis Vuitton and Coach handbags are the biggest investments.

profile: What is your best advice when it comes to fashion?
carlie: Dress to make yourself feel great first. Don’t be afraid to mix the old with the new. Some stunning pre loved designer fashions can be found at your local op-shop.

profile: What is your favourite look right now?
carlie: Stripes. This trend continues into spring. I may have overdosed on stripes recently so I’m set to stay within trend this spring/summer.

profile: Who is your favourite fashion designer?
carlie: My fave local label is BAE (Before Anyone Else). I also love Alice McCall, Shona Joy, Bec and Bridge, Bird and Kite and Life with Bird.

profile: what is Your most beloved accessory?
carlie: My diamond wedding rings and a gorgeous Tiffany bracelet my girlfriends gave me for my 40th birthday.

profile: What staple items should every woman have in her wardrobe?
carlie: A great fitting pair of jeans, white tee, luxe sneakers, leather jacket, black slim fit pants, statement pumps, a gorgeous knit, linen shirt, floral dress and a black jumpsuit.

profile: what is the Best fashion advice you have ever been given?
carlie: I’m nicer when I like my outfit – unknown.

profile: what is Your favourite celebrity look right now?
carlie: I always love how Lara Worthington (Bingle) styles herself. Gigi Hadid hits all the right notes right now too!

profile: Who is your favourite style icon?
carlie: Brigitte Bardot.

profile: Less is more – yes or no?
carlie: No! Always better to be overdressed than underdressed!

profile: What trends can we expect to see in the coming months heading into Summer?
carlie: Big florals, wide leg pants, stripes, fuchsia, lime and lots of white.


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