Sustainable swimwear

March 12, 2019

Sustainable swimwear

A journey to Morocco has influenced the Autumn 19’ collection of Abby Rose bikinis. Sewing runs in the blood of founder of the influential label, Abby Vuister, who designs and hand-makes sustainable swimwear – a brand reflecting the ‘slow’ fashion movement. Here’s 5 ways Abby Rose Bikini is shaping the future or our environment.

1- The bikinis are handmade in the Noosa Junction store, focusing on producing high quality pieces and creating a truly sustainable swimwear option for locals.

2- The label sources all of the materials ethically and sustainably frwom using recycled lycra for all of the swimwear, right through to using compostable postage packaging.

3- All of the lycra used for the swimwear is made from 100 per cent regenerated pre and post consumer waste – that includes discarded fishing nets, carpet, clothing and fabric scraps.

4- The elastics used in the swimwear is based on natural rubbers, that are a renewable and sustainable resource.

5- The bikinis last for endless summers. Not only are the materials sustainable, but they are of much higher quality than more commonly used materials, making for a longer lasting product.

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One response to “Sustainable swimwear

  1. The swimwear is very interesting. I am curious about the products and materials they use and re-read the article as it sounded so different. I think a trip to Noosa is in stall.

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