December 1, 2017


Good health, financial security and the wisdom that comes with experience all play an important role when it comes to leading a balanced lifestyle. But which of the three virtues is most important and why?

To discover more, I posed the question to our lunching ladies over a delicious meal at Chow, Maroochydore. The result was a lively and enlightening conversation, where we discovered more about each other and the incredible and varied life journeys we have all experienced.

In between the many laughs and connections that were made, what became most apparent was the special bond we share as women and perhaps unsurprisingly, the unanimous conclusion that health, wealth and wisdom mean different things to different people, depending on their own life journey and what’s important to them.

Joining me for lunch was Lorraine Martin, corporate sales manager with Mercedes-Benz, Maroochydore; Barbara Ann Butler, public affairs consultant; Katherine Allen, operations manager with Henzells Real Estate, Caloundra; Alexa Faros-Dowling, owner of Fernwood Gym, Morayfield and Kristen Shields, operations manager with Profile Magazine.

Profile: What is most important to you, health, wealth or wisdom?

Kristen: Definitely health, because without good health you can’t have anything else. As I get older it becomes even more important. When I was younger I thought I was invincible and now that I’m feeling my age a little bit more and I have two children, everything in my life is health-focused. It is my number one priority these days.

Lorraine: I think it’s important to work out for yourself, what each of these things mean to you. I’ve always been healthy, so that is a real priority to me. And if I was to say wealth is important to me, I don’t necessarily mean money. Wealth is more about experience. A while ago, I was working in a job I didn’t love, and I woke up one morning and thought this is not working. I moved to the Sunshine Coast, didn’t have a job and a week later I was driving a company Mercedes car to a corporate golf day and thought, ‘I don’t even know how I got here,’ but it was the wisdom of trusting my instinct.

Alexa: I’m in the business of health, so it’s obviously number one for me. As a young child growing up it was always a priority, we always embraced being healthy. I see all my members before they start an exercise regime and afterwards, and the difference is always amazing. They look better and they feel better. I leave the wealth and wisdom part to my husband!

Janet: I absolutely believe it’s health, but not just your physical health. When I got cancer I was healthy. My food intake and exercise were always great. It’s also about having a healthy business, a healthy mindset and healthy relationships, that is what gives you wisdom. You also have to have a healthy relationship with yourself, which is often the hardest one because there is so much judgement. I believe what gave me cancer was stress, being too busy and not breathing deeply enough. Getting that breath deep down into our body is so important for good health.

Barbara: I think work/life balance is a wonderful ideal but it’s not easy to achieve. Health is obviously critical, wealth is what many of us would like to have but we have to make do. I have just turned 70 and I’m coming to accept I’m old, even though I don’t want to believe it, but I still feel sexy! I’ve had an interesting and somewhat unconventional life. Wisdom doesn’t descent on you like you put on a shawl, it comes from hard earned experience. I find the biggest driver in my life though, is relationships.

Katherine: I think all three are equally important and I look to my dad as an example. I hope I am blessed with his genes because he is healthy, wealthy and wise! He started his own business and built it up over the years so that all of his six children were financially independent for life. He doesn’t drink or smoke, he still runs every day and he is incredibly wise. Even though he drives me mad sometimes!

Table talk review: CHOW

They may be the new kid on the block, but Chow restaurant on Ocean Street, Maroochydore is causing quite a stir among the locals, for all the right reasons.

Serving an array of delicious south-east Asian-inspired dishes in a relaxed, cool setting, owners Jeremy Kennedy and Jordan Lund, together with venue manager Luke O’Keefe have created a delectable menu that’s varied and exciting.

Inside, the concrete floors, timber walls and ambient pendant lights create a hip, welcoming vibe, which lends itself perfectly to a long leisurely lunch with friends.

Boasting an impressive, well-stocked bar, the lunching ladies couldn’t resist sampling one of the many delicious signature cocktails on offer. I can highly recommend the Lychee Ikimasu – the mix of lychee liqueur, Cointreau, fig liqueur, fresh lime, mint and aloe really hit the spot.

If you are dining with a group, ordering several plates to share is the way to go.

Some of the delicious morsels we enjoyed included Chow’s famous popcorn chicken, triple cooked pork belly, rice paper rolls, chow yaki beef salad, magic mushroom skewers and tasty duck boats. Servings are generous and there were even leftovers, which were cheerfully offered to take away.

Service was attentive and friendly, yet not obtrusive from beginning to end, with a couple of special requirements from our guests catered for without a problem.

Well priced, delicious meals, great atmosphere, great service. Looks like Chow has all the right ingredients for success.

11-13 Ocean Street, Maroochydore
Phone: 0401 521 982

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