BE PRESENTABLE  When selling, you should present your home like you don’t live there. Okay, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration. Looking like you live in your home is fine; just get some expert advice on presenting it properly. Most of the time owners aren’t stylists so it makes sense to source the best advice on this one. Buyers are looking for a home that they instantly connect with and feel like they want to live in. Establishing this connection comes from style and creating a WOW factor. Often owners think that having a clean house is presenting it for sale when this is only part of it. Styling is about maximising the space for appeal and flow. How a home flows is just as important as how it looks. You only get one chance to make a first impression so speak to the people who specialise in first impressions. Most agents will be able to point you in the right direction for good stylists.

Buyers are looking for a home that they instantly connect with and feel like they want to live in.”
BE REAL Not everyone is going to love your home. The fact is, a lot of buyers won’t like your home at all. Don’t get discouraged when you get feedback about your home, see it for what it is, they just don’t like it. The most important feedback is what the marketplace thinks your home is worth. This way you can adjust early if the feedback isn’t in alignment with your expectation. Following are some examples of the kinds of people you should (and shouldn’t) pay attention to when it comes price feedback. Neighbours and friends: don’t listen to them about what they think your home is worth, they are always too high. Buyers that are ready to buy, have inspected your property but don’t like it: These buyers are usually quite educated and fairly accurate with price feedback because they see it for what it is and have no emotional connection to your home. Buyers who are interested in your home: They will usually give slightly lower price feedback initially because they are interested. BE QUICK TO ADJUST One of the biggest mistakes owners make when the market is slow in responding is assuming it is only “early days” in the sales process and there is no need to adjust. This can cost you dearly. Market momentum is everything and if in the first two weeks the market feedback is lower than where your price point is, that is a strong indication that your price is too high. Often owners will say “we haven’t had any offers” and therefore cannot gauge whether to lower their price or not. Listen closely. You aren’t getting any offers because the buyers feel your house is too dear and they are voting with their feet and walking away. Work closely with your agent in these early stages and feel the rhythm of the market and you will be able to read what is going on. If everything is lined up right from day one you should have interest and offers in the very early stages. If you aren’t getting interest in those early stages, adjust and you’ll be on your way! BE RELAXED All you can do is your best and make sure you have done everything you possibly can to position your home right, market your home correctly and select the best agent. Once you have ticked all the boxes sit back and relax and work closely with your agent in partnership. Allow the agent to do their job and be open to understanding the market and everything should work out just fine. Follow these tips and the chances of selling your home within 30 days will be very strong.]]>