The gourmet edit

June 30, 2017

The gourmet edit

chocolate almond popcorn

Recipe by Lorraine Elliott,

1/4 cup popping corn
1 paper bag
200g milk chocolate
1 1/2 teaspoons extra virgin coconut oil
4 tablespoons chopped, toasted almonds

Place the popping corn in the paper bag and then fold over the opening two or three times. Place in a microwave for 1.5-2 minutes (each microwave is different, stop when the kernels pop quickly). Spread the popcorn out on a silpat lined tray.

Melt the chocolate and add the coconut oil to make it a bit easier to pour. Drizzle the chocolate over the popcorn and then sprinkle the chopped almonds on top.
Allow to set completely.

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