The Gourmet Edit: Decisions

February 19, 2016

The Gourmet Edit: Decisions

In August, 2015 the Sunny Coast had a big decision to make – #superjunk or #superfood? Since Decisions cafe opened in Birtinya, everyone has gone nuts for their super-sized acai bowls, indulgent smoothies and over-the-top desserts.

But they are things you already know, here are five things you didn’t know about Decisions owner Greg McLean.

Decisions nearly didn’t happen (can you imagine?!)

We were actually not going to open another hospitality venue after we sold Your Place Espresso & Next Door Pizzeria as we are still extremely young and very passionate about travel and really wanted to pursue that in 2016. The basis of Decisions and the concept of #Superfood and #Superjunk was actually born on a bus trip leaving from a small town called Indigo in Palm Springs, California heading to Las Vegas in Nevada after Coachella Music Festival in 2015. We were on a bus with 55 other people and when our tour guide wanted to know what and where we all wanted to stop for food, it was a near impossible task to try and satisfy everyone. It was at that time I looked at my partner, Caity Jones and said, “We need a place where everybody is happy to dine”. It was in that simplistic moment of realisation that Decisions was born and we are now strongly back in the hospitality industry for a long time to come.

#superjunk rules

I am definitely not a healthy conscious person, I work hard to play harder and I definitely love spoiling myself when it comes to food. With that being said, I do find myself having a lot more healthier meals as they actually taste that good they could be bad for you!


Greg can’t turn down the Pork Belly Burger

We have had a couple of menus, but I would say off our old menu definitely the Pork Belly Burger. I think it was a standout from a lot of other burger places as we did not follow the whole pulled pork trend, but instead went with a big chunky piece of pork belly.

Off our current menu I’m going to run with the Smashed Hash – who knew potato, eggs and a few other ingredients could have so much flavour!

There could be more Decisions to be made

We are actually announcing some major news for our current store in Birtinya, we will be announcing our news on 1 March. Besides that you can expect to see more locations on the Sunshine Coast very very shortly!

They are inspired by the world around us

We thrive on being different and also being innovative. Even if it is taking an idea which has been done years ago but flipping it completely around and putting our new quirky twist on it. We have an enormous bank of ideas – in fact we have enough down that we could release another four or five full menus. With what we are announcing on 1 March, it is going to allow us to do so much more of what we have currently hiding up our sleeve. The biggest inspiration to both myself and my partner truly is travelling, getting out and seeing what the rest of the world is doing, this plays a big part in our creative process.


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