The Last Word: Angus O’Loughlin

March 1, 2016

The Last Word: Angus O’Loughlin

From the Sunshine Coast to Sydney, popular radio presenter Angus O’Loughlin’s star has well and truly risen. Angus’s career began in Townsville as a promotions coordinator in 2007 before his journey to the mic saw him take a hosting role with 91.9 SeaFM on the Sunshine Coast in 2009, before pursuing other opportunities in Adelaide and eventually, Sydney. After two years hosting The Bump solo from 2013, Angus now co-hosts the Take 40 Australia Countdown with Emma Freedman. Angus entertains audiences across Australia, and has interviewed celebrities from Kim Kardashian to One Direction to pop star Ariana Grande, and spends much of his down time with his Great Dane, Buckets!

I grew up in… a loving single parent family. My mum raised me and my sister for the majority of our lives in Torquay, Victoria.

The first thing I do when I wake up is… grab my phone, check Twitter, Instagram and my email.

If I could be better at anything it would be… everything! I would start first at becoming a better listener and less opinionated.

I am at my happiest when… I’m with the people I love, having too many laughs. One of my greatest memories are parties my friends and I had in Wren Crescent, Buderim. Anyone who lives in that street now hates me because the cops were called for a lot of noise complaints.

When I am not working I am… watching Netflix, scrolling through my phone. I’m reading a book for the first time in years so I’m slowly getting through the chapters. I’m also probably having a drink!

I wish I could… create the cure for cancer.

My biggest fashion blunder was… throwing out my old clothes from when I was growing up. Those ‘90s throwbacks would be epic right now.

Most people don’t know that I… own a house in Maroochydore, my first ever property. And I plan on retiring in Noosa!

When I was growing up I wanted to be… accepted. I was a loud kid, didn’t fit every mould completely so I would go between different social circles. I discovered that self-acceptance is the most important thing.

My most annoying habit is… always being on my phone. I’m trying to be better – dinner is a no phone zone.

I laugh out loud when… I get surprised. I’ve been in entertainment eight years now and can watch a skit and pick the punchline before it hits. That’s why I love when I think I know what’s coming and I’m way off.

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