The last word – Colin Fassnidge

March 31, 2017

The last word – Colin Fassnidge

Hot-headed and handsome, Colin Fassnidge is the celebrity judge who has had numerous My Kitchen Rules contestants quaking in their boots. He’s known for his temper, his ability to make contestants cry and at one point, he even admitted he did it on purpose just to create good television. But there’s more to the Irish-born chef than his fiery celebrity portrayal, as Profile finds out, he’s a lover of Australian beaches, his family and all things delicious.

I grew up in… Dublin, Ireland.

My first job was… in my dad’s shoe shop, Tony Fassnidge Footwear, in Dublin.

If I could be better at anything it would be… going to bed early and getting up early.

When I am not working I am… swimming, on my motorbike or with the kids.

My biggest cooking blunder was… cooking condensed milk in a tin, which needs to be covered with water all the time, but the water evaporated and the tin exploded and
went through the roof.

My most annoying habit is… sarcasm.

My hidden talent is… gardening.

My favourite food to cook is… pork.

If I could have a superpower I would… be able to disappear after dinner at home so I didn’t have to do the washing up.

The last thing I do before I go to bed is… hide the bottle of wine I drank.

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