WARDROBE UPDATE These days I’m all about the mum-bun, comfortable shoes and good strong coffee. I’ve entered a new style chapter in my life and I’m okay with that. Most days I find more enjoyment picking outfits for my nine-month-old than I do for myself. When he sleeps I’m scrolling Instagram to see what new items I must buy for him. Needless to say, he now has a better wardrobe than I do. It’s hard enough keeping up with your little ones, let alone keeping up with what’s in fashion. The trick is to find your own style. Here’s where to start:

Closet clean out

It’s time to be ruthless and empty your wardrobe. Now only put back the items you actually wear regularly. Pack away the clothes that are taunting you because they don’t quite fit, just yet. Organising this space will simplify the process of getting ready each day.

Find your mum-style

Mum dressing is about being practical, comfortable and feeling good about yourself. You need go-to items in your wardrobe that don’t consider too much thought. Define your style and find your new ‘mum uniform’. Focus on items that you know fit you well, look great and are easy to throw on. If you have a favourite pair of jeans or t-shirt, find out if it’s available in different colours and stock up.


Take notice of what other mums are wearing. Search Instagram and Pinterest for outfits you love – there’s a whole world of inspiration out there. Somewhere between the late night feeds, Bugaboo pushing and baby wrangling, us mums tend to put ourselves last and finding your ‘mum style’ may not seem like a high priority, but taking care of yourself and finding some time for you will make you a better mum. Happy Mama’s day to you all!  ]]>