Think Money: Don’t leave your wealth wisdom until it’s too late

December 1, 2017

Think Money: Don’t leave your wealth wisdom until it’s too late



Money is the most talked about topic in the world. It has started wars, ended marriages and created more stress in people’s lives than anything else in the world.
While we all know money can’t buy happiness, it tends to buy a lot of the things we perceive creates it. Money certainly creates peace of mind! While we can list many things more important than money, like health and family, few of us can live without it.

Having enough money is the easiest way to have an easy and stress-free life, but how much money is enough? I often see people just scraping by on a single income of $45,000 and see another family just scraping by on $125,000. We all tend to live to the edge of our income.

At Think Money we help you learn the secrets of managing money to work towards creating financial security for you. Starting with a good Cash Management System is the first step to getting control of your money. Getting your personal finances under control and cleaning up any credit card and consumer debt is next. Then we look at the big picture of investing.

The more organised you are with your money the more you will have. 2018 sees the launch of My Big Money Goal and the Think Money Budget App this could be the answer! Come and see us.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Chris Childs

Chris was a financial planner for 10 years prior to becoming a mortgage broker specialising in debt reduction.
Jack and Chris began to plan their retirement and built their own property portfolio. Chris’s clients wanted to follow her lead and learn how they too could build a property portfolio, thus Think Money Wealth Through Property was born.
Chris’s passions are property, people and business. She has had the privilege of transforming peoples’ lives on a daily basis by teaching them to change the way they manage their finances.
Chris says “The look of amazement when people realise what they can actually achieve is priceless”.

Ok – I know we all hate the big B word ‘Budgeting’ but this is different…

Budgets usually don’t work, because just like dieting, any restriction, hardship or “lack-of” isn’t sustainable. Most people find using a budget to be a painful experience. Budgeting is not just about writing a list of expenses and making sure the cash coming in is more than the cash going out. What you really need is a Cash Management System that works together with your goals so you have a reason to make it all worth while.

By setting your goals and getting them in writing, you can create the perfect combination of organisation and rewards to ensure you get a sense of achievement. Then we work out where you can save even more by getting rid of the leakage and wastage.

By focusing on minimising the money wastage and not on decreasing your lifestyle, our program is sustainable, achievable and fun. And to make it even more fun, this is packed in to a 12 week challenge, which not only accelerates your results but ensures a constant sense of achievement.

Just like our health and fitness, making lifestyle changes, goal setting and benchmarks for tracking our success makes our money workout work. Let’s get our money fit and healthy for 2018!


The 4 steps we follow in our My BIG Money Goal system are:

1. Set your goals

It is amazing once we stop and set goals just how quickly they come. We hear about this all the time, and often we are just busy busy busy and put it off. Writing down your goals will make a difference to your bank account – a DRASTIC difference!

2. Get organised

The more organised you are with your money the more there is. The more organised you get with your life the more time you have. And finally, by making the time to get organised with your work and your life in general the happier and healthier you are! And that’s a FACT!

3. Find the Leakage and Wastage

When budgeting, most people try to reduce debt by tightening their belt on their fun spending. This fails because we can’t sustain working hard when there is no fun or rewards. We then blow the budget with break outs. Our program is designed to find the leakage and wastage of where your money is going that is giving you no pleasure such as fees and charges, unused subscriptions, excessive wastage of food, money spent because of disorganisation and lack of time. It is like finding magic money!

4. Make it a habit, review & repeat!

Once you get started the system just gets better and better. Goals are reached and new ones need to be set. We review the money and make any adjustments and repeat. The money goals like paying out credit card debt, reducing your mortgage, having money saved for holidays and Christmas come thick and fast. My BIG Money Goal can make this year your best year ever.

To find out more, make an appointment on (07) 5430 4777 or contact Chris Childs on 0419 744 193


Download your own copy of the full ebook ‘Nine Reasons you are not Rich, and how to fix it!’ from the ‘Free Resources’ page at


You are busy busy busy getting nowhere nowhere nowhere…

The one thing that holds most people back today more than any other thing is lack of time, or at least the perceived lack of time. It is amazing when you consider we all have exactly the same number of minutes, hours and days each week – yet some people seem to achieve so much more.
One of the biggest changes you can make in your life is to ‘declutter’. I don’t just mean declutter the house, however, that is a superb place to start! I mean declutter everything. Declutter your mind, declutter your money, declutter your day/ week/ month, declutter your job.

If you want something done, ask a busy person. They seem to have a knack for being able to get more done than most of us. These supermen and women just seem to have a laser focus and burn through their tasks. They usually manage to run a household of kids, spouses, a job and still have time to be the superhero for a charity or school event. If you aren’t one of these super humans – and want to strangle the one or two you know – let me tell you one of their super success secrets. They declutter – everything.

I am going to talk superwoman, however, there are often great supermen out there too – so take no offence at the gender selection in this case.

Secrets of a SUPERWOMAN! – and how to become one:

1. declutter your home

Very few busy successful superwomen live in a mess. Let’s face it – they are just too busy to accumulate junk. They don’t swan around the $2 shops buying endless cute but useless objects, and they are often a little heartless if they are gifted such items. They usually don’t last a week. So, if you want to become a superwoman – start by having a long hard look at your house. Walk in the front door like a visitor coming in for the first time. Gives you a bit of a different view point doesn’t it.

2. declutter your work space

Superwomen start each day with a task list (usually created long before they arrive at work). It includes work kids, social and personal tasks, and is prioritised. Managing their time is paramount – they handle a file once, they finish their jobs off and they take those few extra minutes to finalise and file.
Try it, start a morning ritual of getting your list done, you can start each morning by transferring anything from the previous day’s list forward.

3. declutter your headspace

Most superwomen find at least 10 minutes every day for meditation or focused relaxation. It might be sitting quietly, it could be yoga, or being able to get the headphones on and go for a walk, jog or run. They visualise their day, their week, month, year. They set themselves clear goals and reward themselves when they achieve them. They treat themselves nicely. They don’t berate themselves. They are their own best friend and cheer squad. They know they are a superwoman and they are proud of it.

It is so easy to beat yourself up and relive your failures over and over like a broken video clip instead of moving on and celebrating the wins.

Be your own cheer squad, if you feel good about yourself, everyone else will notice, they will think you’re a superwoman too, even when you still have your L-plates on.

So, what has all this got to do with getting rich? EVERYTHING!!

4. The rich declutter their finances

Getting organised with your money is the easiest way to reduce debt and creating wealth over time. The rich know what their money is doing. They pay their bills on time and eliminate waste and leakage (spending money on stuff that gives you no pleasure or benefit such as bank fees). They have a great lifestyle and a plan for their financial future both short and long term and they stay focused on it.

To read more download the full ebook at
Are you ready to take action?
Call our office on (07) 5430 4777 or contact Chris Childs on 0419 744 193


The biggest fallacy our parents taught us is to believe a home loan is a “long term” debt.

Most of us saw our parents work hard all of their lives to pay off their mortgage, and then struggle to retire comfortably. It is nurture not nature that keeps most of us imprisoned on the mouse wheel of debt.

Our grandparents, god bless their little cotton socks, were taught by the banks how to do their banking, they passed this on to their children who passed it on to you. They had a lot to say about money…

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

A penny saved is a penny earned.

If you count your pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves.

If you can’t pay for it – don’t buy it.

Most of us believe that we should work hard, save to buy our home, spend the rest of our lives working to pay it off and hopefully, save a bit to retire on.

It just doesn’t have to be that hard. By treating your money right in the first place, learning the benefits of how loans work, and setting up the correct finance platform for both fast debt reduction and smart wealth creation, most of us can pay off our homes in 5 to 7 years (instead of 25) and acquire 10 properties in 10 years, without struggling with the holding costs and improve your lifestyle at the same time.

Let’s look at your current situation:

Have you been paying your home loan off for years and feel like you are getting nowhere?

Add up the amount you have paid into your loan to date:

Your monthly payment – say $2k x 12 months x 5 years = $120k. Most loans have only reduced by $5k or so in that time…

Now we have an OMG moment!

It’s time to do things a bit differently. Change the way you are doing your banking.

Make a time to chat with the Debt Reduction Specialists at Think Money – they can change your life in 35 minutes.

Call (07) 5430 4777 or visit or contact Chris Childs on 0419 744 193

Kickstart 2018 with strong goals


Learn the secrets of these two superwomen in a workshop designed to help you soar into the new year!

Chris Childs is renowned for helping people achieve their personal and financial goals. Hear Chris’s personal story of how goal setting and The Passion Test changed her life.

Learn more about the Passion Test process and how you can apply it to your life to help you achieve your goals. Chris will be covering topics such as:

  • The secret to buying 10 properties in 10 years
  • Proven strategies for property wealth
  • How to reduce your debt, not your lifestyle
  • Getting control of your money

Charmaine’s Strong Lady Show has been touring the world since 2003 performing in 22 countries.

Now she explores the feats of strength that we can all perform in our everyday lives to be the Strong Lady (or Strong Man) of your own personal ‘circus’ covering:

  • Sculpting your beliefs for a new ‘you’.
  • Lifting the weight of worry.
  • Building gym sessions of the mind.
  • Developing mental strength & resilience.

9am to 3:30pm Maroochy RSL, Memorial Ave, Maroochydore
To book a seat call (07) 5430 4777 or visit or contact Chris Childs on 0419 744 193

Real clients, real life stories…

We had one investment property but knew that was not enough to secure our future.

I knew property was the way to go but we were stuck on how to take the next step. While reading about Think Money in the Profile magazine over coffee, I knew we had to see what this was about.

We had the means to purchase an investment property but the way our finances were structured, we couldn’t see how we could purchase another property. Then we had a meeting with Chris, who explained how to restructure our finances and increase our wealth through property.

Since September 2015 we have paid off $35,000 on our home loan, purchased one investment property and are looking at purchasing our second.

We are very happy we joined Think Money and thank Chris and her team for all their help and advice.

Teresa and Shane Fielding

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