1. Amazing value Cruises are great value. The overall fare covers almost everything you’ll need for your entire vacation. Some cruises can be as little as $150 per day, which covers food, accommodation and on-board entertainment. Much more affordable than booking all this as well as transportation on land. Choose a luxury cruise line and get even more inclusions such as alcohol, gratuities, shore excursions and onboard credit – sometimes even early bird airfares. 2. Easy to plan, something for everyone Cruise vacations are the total holiday package. All you need to do is choose your cruise line, destinations and cabin type then away you go. You eliminate the hassle of booking hotel rooms, transportation between destinations, day tours and finding somewhere to dine every breakfast, lunch and dinner. Group bookings are made easy – no need to worry about coordinating 15 family members, just book enough cabins and let everyone sit back and enjoy what the ship has to offer. Some cruise lines offer group discounts too. 3. Visit multiple destinations, unpack once Look at your cruise like a floating hotel, bar, restaurant and entertainment centre. No need to cart your suitcase around airports and cities in search of your hotel. Unpack once and let your cruise take you from city-to-city or island-to-island. You’ll wake up in a new place to explore almost every morning. 4. A variety of onboard activities Onboard a cruise ship you can choose to do as much or as little as you like. Relax and unwind by the pool with a cocktail or pamper yourself at the day spa. Take a gym class, practice your putting or join a round of trivia. Some ships even have classes such as dance, photography, cooking or wine tasting. There truly is something for everyone to enjoy on a cruising holiday. 5. Cruise ships are floating cities Cruise ships are like floating cities with everything you need onboard. For those who want to stay connected with ‘the real world’, wifi, phone service and satellite TV are mostly available. Onboard medical centers staffed by registered doctors and nurses are available 24-hours if required. Laundry services allow you to wash your clothes so no need to over-pack. Hair and beauty salons are on hand for that special anniversary or birthday dinner, then choose from multiple restaurants, including fine dining, for the occasion. There’s also movie screens, swimming pools, nightclubs, theatres and more – cruise ships have it all.]]>