Welcome Home – The Eclectic Home

May 2, 2018

Welcome Home – The Eclectic Home

Four stylish locals have opened up their front doors and taken us on a tour of their stunning homes. From a 90 year old Queenslander with a rich history, to a minimalist family beach home turned Airbnb, each has its own unique story. We spoke to the owners about their abodes and how their personality and lifestyle is reflected in the spaces they have carefully created.
Gemma Troy and her husband bought their Maroochy River property in August of 2012 when they relocated from Canberra. The talented poet with her eclectic style has gone on to renovate the gorgeous home to reflect their personalities and complement their lifestyle.
Profile: What do you do?
Gemma: I’m a poet. My first book Heart Lines was released on March 27 and I’m currently working on my second book. I also run my Instagram account @gemmatroypoetry

Profile: How long have you lived on the Coast?
Gemma: I have lived on the coast for about eight years now. Previously I was living in Canberra, but I was born and bred on the south coast of NSW on the beach. We moved mainly because my husband works in mining and does FIFO but also for a better lifestyle. I missed living close to the beach when we were in Canberra. I love the sun and being warm, I think that’s my favourite thing about the Sunshine Coast is the warm weather.
Profile: What was the vision for your home when you bought it?
Gemma: I have always had big plans for my home. It’s been a very slow process renovating though. It can take such a toll financially and on everyday life, so we have moved along slowly. We still have so much we want to do it to it, but we are getting there. My vision was always to enhance the beautiful bones of the home, I wanted to make the raked ceilings a feature and the views and beautiful location a feature as well. Above all though I wanted to make it warm and comfortable. I’m very much a homebody. My home is my sanctuary, so I wanted it to reflect that.
Profile: What is your personal style and did that dictate the style of the home?
Gemma: I’m very much into collecting things from nature. So my style has kind of involved into an eclectic mixture of natural elements and old furniture with some new pieces. I grew up out in nature, so I think it was a natural progression to find a home that stood with the trees and was surrounded by wildlife and greenery. I believe in decorating my house in what nature gives to us freely.  I have fathers, shells and seed pods on display. I want to fill my house with memories and reminders of what’s real and what’s outside.
Profile: What is your favourite feature in the home?
Gemma: My windows. I love the view we have from every window. We are always looking outside. The light that comes through in the evening is warm and makes the house feel so homely, I love that time of day. Putting in new windows was one of the first things that we ever did.
Profile: What do you plan to do next in the home?
Gemma: The next big plan would be to renovate the bathroom and to build underneath the home. We only have two small bedrooms at the moment, so ideally I would like to build a master bedroom under the house. I would also like to spend more time planting trees and making our backyard a little forest.
Profile: How would you describe your home?
Gemma: I would describe my home as a retreat; it’s a place for inspiration, a reminder to slow down and live life in the here and now. When you are inside my house you are always looking outside to the river or the mountains, it’s calming and relaxing living here.

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