Are you caught up in a cycle of always stressing and worrying about every little thing? Add in all the big things and life can be a constant battle affecting both your mind and body.



What is stress and how does it really affect you?

Stress and worry have become a part of everyday life, for most people. It seems to be an accepted part of living in this fast-paced world we find ourselves in.

The only problem is no one is educating us on the effects that stress is having on our mind and body.

Stress creates a physical response in our body. It causes the body to release real and toxic substances into all your 11 biological systems; nervous, digestive, respiratory, reproductive, muscular to name a few. About 1200 poisonous toxic chemicals and hormones are release into the body under stress.

Stress can cause a physical response in the body from either a real or imagined threat. For example … if you were to see a stick lying on the ground, and mistake it for a snake, your body has the exact same reaction. Releasing the exact same toxins.

So even if you are just thinking, feeling, believing you are in danger your body will respond as if there was a real threat.

I know women who stress themselves to the point of having an anxiety attack after watching a horror movie, imagining their kids being kidnapped – even after reading a book. Literally making themselves sick.

These toxins were meant to only be released into the body in times of real danger, when fighting for survival, known as our ‘fight or flight’ response.

During the fight or flight response, these toxins halt immunity, digestion, and all organ function held in the torso.

In survival mode, the blood rushes out from the torso, to the arms and legs for fight or flight, thus leaving all the organs on standby or shutdown mode.

When the body depletes too much, or is placed in high stress regularly, you bathe your brain in toxic juices, which creates a vicious cycle where you lose resilience and put your entire health at risk.

You use up all your ‘good’ hormones trying to water down the toxic ones.

Stress is thought to be the cause behind 90 per cent of doctors’ visits (other than trauma)! Your thoughts control your body. Your thoughts can create worry and stress and therefore create illness in your body.

Worry also causes fear, sadness, and anxiety, which in turn causes physical symptoms in the body also, like panic attacks, depression, hyperventilation.

I know I don’t want nasty toxins flooding my system causing me ill health, and I don’t want to live a life constantly consumed by stress and worry … what about you?


Here are 3 simple steps to eliminate this toxic cycle and to create a healthier, happier mind and body and restore harmony to your life;

1. Ask yourself;

“What am I stressed about?”

‘What is really going on?’  

“Would the average person stress about the same thing?”

Now get everything out of your head and write down everything you are feeling on paper.

Your subconscious mind process things differently when it sees your thoughts in black and white on paper, so do not type.

You can then see if there is an opportunity to Delegate, Ditch or Defer.


2. Journaling;

is a great way to get all the noise out of your head each day, either morning or night, to understand what you are really thinking, feeling and stressing about.
The time first thing as you wake, before you are really awake… can be truly revealing about your head talk (some call BS).  

Also you can look back through what you have written and see where you can change negative language into positive, to change the impact of thoughts.

For example;

I can’t TO I can

I don’t want to TO I do want to do xyz

It won’t work TO It will work

I should do TO I could do, I want to do

I will try to do TO I will do

A very simple but effective way to change your thoughts to change how you feel. Change the Negative to a Positive!


3. Perfect Day.

This activity is your favourite thing to clear the noise and create calm.
Pick what your perfect day would look like. Maybe it’s a day at the beach with your family, a deserted island with Brad Pitt, an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora and your only company is a good book and bottle of wine. Whatever your perfect day is, go with it, and there is no guilt if you are leaving the kids at home.

Once you picture your perfect day, you are now going to really zoom in, and around the picture and really notice specifics;

What do you see? White sand, blue ocean, palm trees, family smiling and happy … etc (as many as you can).

What do you hear? Waves lapping at shore, breeze blowing through the trees, laughing …

What do you feel? Sand under feet, breeze blowing, sun warming on face …

What can you smell? Salt air, frangipani etc …

And most importantly, how do you feel?

Calm, peaceful, relaxed, happy, free, energised …

Take your time, you are in no hurry, and enjoy every minute and detail of your perfect day. Then enjoy the positive feelings that flow through your mind, heart and soul.

You can choose a new perfect day each time if you like, or you can stick with the one day and as you go there more often you will quickly and easily get to your peace and calm.

Remember, to reduce and/or relieve stress, you need to run your mind on purpose. Be in control of your thoughts, as your thoughts create your life.

Be your best self, Live your best life.



Maria McGrath







After many years of struggling with depression and grief, feeling lost, broken and empty, Maria McGrath transformed her life, and healed her heart, mind and soul. Now with an overwhelming desire and undeniable passion, she works to inspire and transform women’s lives, so they too live with emotional freedom and fulfilment.

Maria is an international women’s emotion and mindset specialist, helping women holistically tap into their own deepest wisdom, reconnect with their intuition, and get back to being their best self, to move forward with confidence and live their best life!

Maria has recently been featured on the cover of YMAG, a national women’s empowerment magazine and is currently a contributing writer for international women’s magazine, Luminous Wisdom-Sophia and PROFILE Magazine.

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