Do you want to promote AND grow your business but you feel you’re not interesting or engaging enough?

Engaging people requires you to make genuine connections with each person. When you’re able to relate individually to each person and speak into their hearts and minds, you will notice a real change in your audience as they feel and receive the information you are sharing with them.
Here is your next Ultimate Speaker.TV strategy; 7-STEPS TO ENGAGING YOUR AUDIENCES

If you’d like to ask questions or you’re experiencing challenges, please private message me or check out the location near you to the half day workshop “Become a Confident Speaker and Top Networker”.
Until next time …keep speaking from your heart and sharing your message
Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor is a dynamic Speaker Coach, Trainer, Author and Emcee with a strong business and hospitality background.
With over fifteen years of experience in delivering talks and presentations to organisations such as James Cook University, Rotary International, Bunnings, Big W and Toastmasters, Kim is a sought-after motivational keynote speaker.
Founder of the 9 Steps to Ultimate Speaker, she opens the door for professionals seeking to overcome speaking fears and improve their communication and public speaking skills. Kim’s signature one on one and group Ultimate Speaker Coaching programs deliver her proven speaker training system so that her clients master the ability to communicate in any speaking situation.
Kim holds a Diploma of Life Coaching, Public speaking and Training skills and is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming through The Coaching Institute, Melbourne. She is a member of The Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming Inc.