Bravehearts is very close to my heart so I decided that I would raise $1 million to help.”

Claude Harvey
When I interviewed Claude, he was about to start his next adventure – a walk from Tweed Heads to Hope Island, a lazy 120km, and he planned to raise a cool $50,000 over the 14-day walk.
“My motivation is two little girls sexually abused at the ages of three and four,” he tells me, clearly pained by their story. “Bravehearts is very close to my heart so I decided that I would raise $1 million to help.”
He is Bravehearts’ most successful fundraiser and has experienced many adventures including walking through outback Australia and over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
This year, Claude has walked from the Gold Coast to Lismore, out to Casino and then to Tenterfield, before arriving in Newcastle. He’s also trekked from the Sunshine Coast up to Hervey Bay and Bundaberg, back down to Maleny, out to Gympie and back to Brisbane, stopping by the Profile Magazine office to let us know about his mission.
“I once got lost on the Toowoomba Range and was chased by three bulls, two dogs and one woman! She wanted to rob me,” he laughs.
“And there was the time I pushed the mower from the Gold Coast to Sydney, which took me 38 days. When I got to the Sydney Harbour Bridge I had five security guards try to stop me because they thought I was pushing a bomb onto the bridge! No one told them I was coming. It was pretty funny afterwards but a bit scary at the time.”
Claude Harvey is a man who lives and breathes Arthur Ashe’s quote. He started with a simple dream, he used what he had and each day he is doing what he can. A brave, kind heart indeed.
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