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November 1, 2016

Ask our HEALTH experts

I am trying to maintain my smile, but I have heard opposing views on how best to tackle certain dental issues. How do I know what’s fact and what’s fiction?

MOUTH MYTHS with Dr Simone Ricketts

Mythbusters has proved to be a very popular television show, as the human race is generally intrigued by myths. Here are a few myths surrounding teeth, debunked:
Myth: Losing one tooth won’t affect the rest of the mouth.

Fact: Losing one tooth, aside from the obvious aesthetic issues, causes a domino effect – neighbouring teeth tilt over, gaps between other teeth widen and the opposing, biting teeth grow longer.

Myth: Thumbsucking can cause buck teeth.

Fact: 80 per cent of children suck their thumbs. Even babies on prenatal ultrasounds have been observed sucking their thumb! However, generally only thumbsucking after the age of six, when the adult front teeth appear, can cause alignment problems.

Myth: Hard bristled toothbrushes are better for your teeth.

Fact: Use only soft toothbrushes, as hard bristles will wear away tooth enamel, causing root exposure and sensitivity.

Myth: Applying aspirin directly to an aching tooth will ease the pain.

Fact: This is not true and in fact the aspirin, which is an acid, can burn the gum.

Myth: Mouth rinses alone can cure bad breath.

Fact: Research shows that mouth rinses only reduce bacterial numbers in the short term. In fact, alcohol-based mouth rinses can actually make bad breath worse. It is better to brush and floss the teeth, and even brush your tongue! It’s also a good idea to have a professional clean with your dental hygienist.

So there you have it – if you want a stunning smile, mothball these myths and pamper your pearly whites instead.

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How can I combat pigmentation, dehydration and ageing skin without needing a cabinet full of products?

SKIN PEELS with Carly Rippon

Skin peeling assists in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps improve the skin’s elasticity and collagen, and leaves your skin with a softer, smoother and brighter complexion.

One particularly effective example of this is the latest professional A Zyme peel from the Ultraceutical facial range.

The A Zyme peel is a non-invasive and comfortable skin rejuvenation treatment that combines the fast acting potent ingredients retinol and bromelain – an enzyme derived from pineapples – to refresh, refine, hydrate and plump your skin. These enzymes effectively improve all skin types and concerns, including acne and sun damage, while improving the skin’s texture and tone.

The A Zyme peel hydrates, plumps and firms the skin for a smoother looking appearance, removing old cells in order to make way for younger, fresher skin cells that restore radiance to the complexion. Meanwhile, retinol accelerates proteins within the supporting layers of the skin to produce hyaluronic acid, which intensely hydrates and plumps the skin creating a luminous glow.

These powerful skin peels are a safe, non-surgical procedure that cause minimal irritation and redness, though they may cause slight tingling, or a pins-and-needles feeling in the skin.

There is usually no obvious peeling of the skin after the initial treatment, however some people do experience skin flaking for a few days after. The A Zyme peel is safe to perform on all skin types but is not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation. People who have been on roaccutane or retin A within the last six months should discuss this with their therapist in their initial consultation.

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