Q: Is there anything I can do to prevent premature ageing instead of fixing it once it’s already occurred?

ANTI-AGEING with Jodi Chapman
Ageing is inevitable, affecting every part of your body and mind, from the rate at which your organs age right through to your appearance – however, the speed at which you age may be completely up to you. Looking after your body by making the choice to work with it rather than against it is simple, and won’t cost you your social life. Follow these simple steps to feel great, and prevent disease and the deterioration of your mind and body: Limit alcohol to the weekends and choose spirits over wine, beer or sugary drinks. Alcohol combined with sugar and preservatives cause fluid, which places strain on your capillaries, and dehydrates your organs. Reduce carbohydrates to only what you need for fuel. Excess also causes fluid, ageing and dehydrates your organs, not to mention weight gain. DNA blood testing will identify food sensitivities you may not know you have. Subtle symptoms of this can be signs of ageing, having the same reaction to certain foods as you do with alcohol, a reduction in detoxification, and storing fluid in your lymphatic system. Exercise to keep your lymphatics moving, and be sure to include weight training for strength in your muscles and bones to prevent osteoporosis. Weight training also contributes to healthy hormone balancing and detoxifying your system. Reduce stress. Ageing is accelerated by the loss of your hormones over time, and stress uses more hormones than necessary, where there is not an unlimited supply. So keep life balanced, include downtime, eat well, stay fit, and be around people you love, and you’ll enjoy a long and happy, healthy life.

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Q: How can I ease stress in day-to-day life?
CALMING THE NERVOUS SYSTEM with Joanne Steckelbruck
We have all had times when stress gets the better of us. Making decisions is harder, talking to others becomes a chore and sleep seems impossible. If we continue to live in these heightened states of stress, the nervous system overstimulates. This leads to states of disease, anxiety, depression and acute illness. Stress used to be our response to life or death situations like escaping from predators. But in our current society these same ‘fight or flight’ responses can be a triggered by a confronting situation at work, forgetting to put the washing on or feelings of discontent at home. What we consider to be daily life situations are now causing full stress reactions in the body. However, there is a way out. Allow your nervous system to relax by giving yourself permission to open your heart and more  importantly, slow down. Most stress is caused by fighting with our daily discontent. So end the fight to be right – end defensiveness against wrongdoing and end the need to be ready to fight and keep yourself safe. Ask yourself, “is this a real threat, or is this just an illusion I perceive as real?” Learn to slow the rate of your breath and deliberately take breaks through the day to do this. This is a way of slowing the nervous system, allowing you to experience the peace of your natural being. By slowing your conscious breath, you interrupt the patterns of overstimulation in the nervous system and can change the re-wiring of the subconscious, which resonates deeply within your body.

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