meditation with Joanne Steckelbruck

Investing time each day for meditation, is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Through meditation you can still your mind chatter, be in the present moment and enjoy its many benefits.

What are the health benefits?

  • It helps to balance the right and left hemisphere of the brain which relate to the emotional and intellectual processes respectively, and strengthens the immune system so that the body can heal itself.
  • Meditation’s considerable biological benefits include regulating blood pressure, stimulation of blood circulation, alleviating pain, reducing muscular tension and slowing down hormonal activity.
  • Regular practise can develop self-discipline, improve your personal performance in sport, increase productivity in business and the arts, build self-confidence, increase energy and efficiency, and generally create a more positive attitude to life.
  • Awaken intuition and extrasensory perception skills.
  • Find your light within and awaken you to your life purpose.

Becoming aware of the way in which the conscious mind undermines your efforts is the first step towards training the mind, so that you can free yourselves from old thought patterns and tap into your subconscious and hidden potential. Commence meditation today and enjoy the amazing health benefits.

HOW TO GET STARTED: Guided meditation, kundalini and yin yoga, mantras, walking in nature, vibrational sound (drumming, tibetan and crystal bowls), working with crystals. Whatever you are attracted to, remember – being in the present moment is the key.

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Q. What is laser skin tightening and how does it work?


As we age, the elasticity in our skin starts to reduce. This is caused by the body’s decreased ability to produce collagen and elastin, and as a result wrinkles and pores become more noticeable and the skin starts to sag. You can firm your skin with laser skin tightening, a treatment that will restore and improve the skin on your face or on your body. Non-invasive laser skin tightening treatments, using the Candela GentleYag Pro, can dramatically enhance and improve the texture of your skin without surgery. The treatment activates the skin’s natural healing response, which remodels collagen and produces skin tightening results. The treatment delivers heat energy to the skin, heating the deeper layers while leaving the upper layers intact. The light energy produced by the laser targets fibroblasts in the dermis, which also stimulates the production of new collagen cells, plumping the surface of the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines. This laser skin tightening treatment is ideal for treating sagging skin on your face, neck, abdomen and buttocks. It is non-invasive, has the same day downtime and is safe for all skin types. The amount of treatments required will depend on the condition of the skin and the treatment area, but generally four to six treatments are required. The ideal skin tightening results will be seen four to six months after a series of treatments. To get the greatest benefit, combine it with other treatments such a microdermabrasions and cosmetic injections. Ideally, this treatment should be performed prior to commencing cosmetic injectables to improve the skin’s integrity and therefore improve the longevity of your injectable results. LASER CLINICS AUSTRALIA Phone: 5370 2003