We were all born at the right time, with the right gifts to deliver our message of who we are to the world and celebrate our uniqueness. The person we were always intended to be lives within us waiting only on us to be released.

GUEST EDITOR Kerrie Friend
Sometimes who we’ve become has been shaped by our circumstances; upbringing and other variables life can serve up so we have to fight for our authenticity to flow. All of us have something to gives that is uniquely and beautifully ours to share with the world. Don’t allow the challenges you may be facing or have faced diminish all you were intended to be and suppress all you have inside.
By spreading our authenticity we are reaching out to others and contributing in ways only we can. Each of us has the power within us to make the world a better place. Celebrate your uniqueness and be willing to share it with the world to ensure you are giving your portion of goodness. Who we are on the inside is our true beauty it’s not based on appearance but on our identity and authenticity.
Too often these days we’re found basing our self-worth on Instagram and not on our own lives. Our image is a reflection of who we are on the inside; it’s about taking care of ourselves spirit, soul and body that ultimately determines who we are not scrolling and swiping social media sites to fill voids that only we can fill.
Your gift might be now buried deep within you for an abundance of reasons but I encourage you to be brave and excavate your soul and uncover it again. It’s waiting on you to fully express in and through you and no one can give your gift but you. Embracing who you are and celebrating your uniqueness transforms your life and gives it purpose. Perhaps you’ve hidden your gifts, forgotten about them or just given up on them.
Begin the process of searching your heart to find them again. They may be hidden within the wounds of broken dreams or an unfulfilled destiny but you can rediscover them. They connect us to our inner self and the spirit within us where we can experience true authentic bliss. Unearthing our authenticity empowers us to become who you were created to be. It’s beautiful to live authentically and connect to the heart of who you truly are.
It’s a celebration of self and a reawakening so you can unleash your God-given potential. And once you do you will flourish like never before because you will be found in the new. Your life will expand and your sense of who you truly are will increase like never before. I encourage you to connect with your inner self and find your authenticity because the world needs what you have on the inside of you.   
God bless,
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Kerrie is a successful Australian television presenter (Perfect Match, Wheel of Fortune), Author, Media Personality, Brand Ambassador (Stefan, Fernwood Fitness), Actor, Writer and Blogger (Travel/Beauty/Inspiration) who has appeared in many television and theatre productions, commercials/infomercials in Australia and in the USA. 
Kerrie is now an Imagepreneur with her brand “Image” to help women become all they were intended to be by taking care of their image (spirit, soul and body) from the inside out. Kerrie has authored three books “Image: 52 Weeks to a New You”, “Image: 365 Daily Devotional”, her latest release “Image: The 7 Pillars” and she is currently finishing her fourth “The Heart of Image”. Kerrie also has a very successful blog on her website www.KerrieFriend.com featuring products, places and people that enhance our image. She has written and had published (magazines and newspapers) globally over 300 self-help articles and has her own weekly, inspirational column “Image” in the “Noosa News” in her beloved home, Noosa for three years. She is also their Celebrity Reporter and interviews celebrities who visit Noosa. 
After 25 years of living in LA Kerrie and her American husband, Kenn are thrilled to be living in Australia and she is dedicated to inspiring women to create an image they love without comparing themselves to others especially with the advent of social media. Alongside her TV Producer husband Kenn Copenhaver (Copenhaver Productions) they are producing with Kerrie hosting a web/tv series “Image” based on her popular books/articles/blogs and is soon to launch her podcast.
Currently, Kerrie is adding an “Image” store to her website where she is selling “Image” (fashion, accessories, homewares, journals etc) items. This is an exciting new phase of her brand and she is delighted with its development. Kerrie has evolved since her early days on Australian television into a woman who desires to help women everywhere create an image they love and become all they were intended to be spirit, soul and body.  
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