Suncoast Christian College

Suncoast Christian College takes learning to new heights

Reading, writing and arithmetic will always remain key pillars in education, but this next generation is tapping into a whole new way of learning through ...

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Indiana Hehir UNICEF Australia Young Ambassador

Indiana Hehir: Fighting for child’s rights

It’s much easier to sit back and observe, as crises occur around the world, but 16-year-old Indiana Hehir has a fire in her belly to ...

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Chloe Robinson TEO

Chloe Robinson is leading the rise of the TEO

Running your own business is something most people consider when they reach adulthood, but 14-year-old Chloe Robinson is following a different course and has not ...

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Gourmet Alejandro Cancino

Alejandro Cancino shares his food for thought

He has worked in the kitchens of some of the world’s best restaurants and won Michelin stars and Chef’s Hats. Now, Alejandro Cancino is bringing ...

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Lee Holmes - love your guts

Love Your Guts

Eight years ago, while working at the ABC in Sydney, Lee Holmes suddenly fell ill and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Her hair was ...

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health women

Check your breast – how to perform a breast cancer self check

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means ladies (and men), it’s a timely reminder to check your chest. Kelly Hart from BreastScreen Queensland Sunshine ...

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Backing a life saving cause

Backing a Life Saving Cause

With exception of the double-jointed acrobats among us – it’s impossible to apply sunscreen to your own back. Raph McGowan has come to the rescue ...

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Eden Rehabilitation hospital

Get Back on Your Feet

Through extensive inpatient and day therapy programs, Healthe Care Australia’s Eden Rehabilitation Hospital on the Sunshine Coast helps people of all ages and circumstances recover ...

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