Beauty Q&A: 2019 Hair Trends

November 30, 2018

Beauty Q&A: 2019 Hair Trends

They say a haircut is as good as a holiday. So this summer, why not try a brand new look to give you that ‘new year, new me’ feeling? Here is our take on the hair trends that will dominate in 2019.

I’ll have what she’s having

Let’s face it, Meghan Markle is the lady of the moment, and since the low maintenance, understated look she wore at her wedding, we’ve all wanted to look as effortless as the duchess herself. Try a low messy bun and curl some pieces to frame your face.

Adorable adornments

Scarves, handkerchiefs, headbands, scrunchies, crowns, your pet lorikeet – it’s all on that table, baby! Okay, so maybe leave Polly out of this. But seriously, have you tried wearing a scarf in your hair? It pretty much suits everyone and immediately gives you fashion blogger status.

Short and sweet

We’re talking REAL short. Shaved heads are in again, people. The super short, peroxide blonde look is in but it’s a tricky one to pull off so have a chat to your hairdresser about this one before you pick up the clippers a la Britney Spears circa 2012.

2019 hair trends

Bang bang!

Choppy bangs/fringes have been in for a few years now, but this year it’s all about the grown out ‘60s fringe. Think Dakota Johnson in Bad Times at the El Royal. You’ll need to have a good hair dryer and round brush to keep this style in line.

2019 hair trends

Super long sleek hair

It wouldn’t be a trend report without the mention of Miss Kimmy K (sorry). While we can’t all afford a new wig each day like the Kardashian/Jenner clan can, if you’re blessed with thick hair that stays healthy when it’s long, then give this trend a go.

2019 hair trends

Bob’s your uncle

Or in this case your BFF. The messy bob isn’t going anywhere in 2019. It’s a little bit sophisticated and a little bit playful at the same time. It’s also the perfect cut to go for if you’re looking for a noticeable change, but you aren’t game to pick up the clippers (we don’t blame you).

Au naturale

News flash: colour isn’t as important as it used to be. We all want that Parisian-chic, effortless look, so why not think about growing your colour out and going back to your roots? Literally.

I woke up like this

If international fashion weeks are anything to go by (which they most definitely are), just hop out of bed and you’re good to go. Just kidding! Let’s be realistic, those models probably spent hours in a chair to achieve the messy/natural look. So please, do brush your hair, then spritz in some sea salt spray to get that natural, texturised, I-woke-up-like-this-look.

2019 hair trends

Perm power

Yes that’s right, I said the P word. But hello, surely you’ve noticed the perm creeping its way back into the beauty/celeb world, featuring on fashion runways and adopted by A-list celebs. If anyone knows what’s up it’s Aussie beauty guru Zoe Foster Blake, and she’s rocking the curls too. I’m going to have to admit, I love this trend and luckily there are ways you can achieve this look without completely destroying your precious locks like you did when you were 21.

2019 hair trends

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