Ally and Georga Leisemann “I grew up on a farm in Childers, on a cane farm,” Ally shares. “Then I moved to Bundaberg where I met my husband and we went overseas for a few years, backpacking through Europe.” Ally and David relocated to Brisbane for a few years, but when her mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness, they moved back home to Bundaberg to be closer to her and decided to settle down and have a family. “We loved it there. We spent most of our time in Bundy,” says Ally. David went to university while the children were growing up, to obtain his post graduate degree in Maintenance Management. He then got a position with Sunwater Bundaberg. “Then all the cuts came in and his job was made redundant two years ago, he looked around Bundy and he couldn’t find anything,” says Ally. But as fate would have it, he was offered a job with SEQ Water on the Sunshine Coast and they made the sea change. Georga was 17 when she moved to Brisbane to study Fine Art at university, but she yearned for a more relaxed lifestyle, one that a city just couldn’t provide. “I was so used to being in a relaxed town and so when my parents moved to the Sunshine Coast and I was visiting, I fell in love with the place and decided to move here as well,” she says, looking out through the front door of the bohemian luxe boutique. “I’ve always wanted to have my own business, it’s just a dream of mine and when we moved here we thought it was the perfect spot and Georga is very artistic and she came up with this concept,” adds Ally. Ally and Georga Leisemann Ally takes care of the running of the business, while Georga is more of a creative spirit. During her time at uni, she studied interactive and visual design, as well as silversmithing – all skills which have proven to be quite useful. “I was always interested in art, all aspects of it, so now I do a bit of design and a bit of photography, but my main passion is styling, putting outfits together, making shoots happen and using social media,” she says. “I wanted to make a store because I know of a lot of girls who love the labels that are based in Byron Bay, New South Wales, that sort of area, but they can only buy it online. “We thought if we could bring it to the Coast they could try it on and then create a whole atmosphere for the store, so it’s an experience when they come in. We came up with this idea and ran with it and it all fell into place really well.” Already aligning with other local labels and garnering a following locally and internationally, Ally and Georga are set to become anything but lazy.]]>