Have you heard of Qigong (Chi-Kung)? There seems to be more and more classes popping up on the Sunshine Coast as it becomes one of the fastest growing and increasingly studied mind-body practices in the World.

With studies now being published on the benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi in places such as PubMed, US National Institute of Health and the Natural Medicine Journal.

So, what is Qigong? Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of exercise and meditation that makes the mind, body and spirit tranquil. It can be thought of as a moving meditation. Slow, deep breaths are co-ordinated with simple movements and creative visualisation. It is a self- empowering practice that reduces stress and anxiety, develops strength, co-ordination and flexibility, improves performance in sports, cultivates health, well-being and longevity.

Qigong exercises help maintain health by creating a state of mental and physical calmness, which indicates that the Qi (energy) is balanced and harmonious. This allows the mind/body/spirit to function most efficiently, with the least amount of stress.

When you start practicing Qigong exercises, the primary goal is to concentrate on letting go. That’s because most imbalance comes from holding on to too much for too long. Most of us are familiar with physical strength of muscles, and when we think about exercising, we think in terms of tensing muscles. Qi energy is different. Qi strength is revealed by a smooth, calm, concentrated effort that is free of stress and does not put one part of the body against another.

It’s harder to remedy an illness than to prevent it, and Qigong has powerful preventive effects. However, when disharmony becomes apparent, Qigong exercises also can play a crucial role in restoring harmony.

Like anything, forming the habit of practicing regularly, represents changing your lifestyle. Once you have started regulating your life through Qigong, not only will you see and feel changes to your joints, muscles and tendons but it can also keep you healthy and make both your mental and physical life much happier.


BIO: Michelle Greene

Michelle Greene has been practicing Qigong and Meditation for almost 18 years and is passionate about sharing the benefits with others. Michelle herself lived with anxiety and issues she feels stem from the Gut – Brain connection. Through regular Qigong practice, Michelle has found ways to heal and maintain her physical and mental health. Having had many teachers, Michelle has trained extensively under the guidance of Master Liu Deming, 5 th generation Martial Arts and Qigong Master in the Ziranmen lineage. Michelle recently became a Master Ziran Qigong Instructor after 5 years of teacher training and intensive practice with Master Liu in China and Australia.

This August the Sunshine Coast will be treated to the presence of Master Liu Deming who will offer his teachings in Qigong and Taoist meditation over 3 days in Verrierdale. Michelle is currently teaching regular Qigong classes, courses and workshops and offers private one on one sessions on the Sunshine Coast. “Today, my focus and my joy is sharing the tools for re-connecting to the breath, self- healing, grounding, nourishing the body, calming the mind and bringing people into the present moment.”  Michelle. For up and coming information on the August retreat, classes in Tewantin and Peregian Beach and where else you can learn to practice Qigong go to: http://www.mindbodyqi.com.au.