After helping over 1600 families and boasting a combined 40 years experience, Liz Catton and Angela Tondelstrand are two of the Sunshine Coast’s most accomplished family lawyers with a passion for their work and their clients. Liz and Angela met at a law firm over eight years ago and quickly realised their visions aligned. They joined forces to open Catton and Tondelstrand Lawyers in July 2018 and have already guided families through some of the hardest moments they’ll every experience. The Queensland Law Society Accredited Family Law Specialists are not only recognised by their peers as leaders in family law on the Sunshine Coast, they’re also approachable and relatable, making them the ideal family lawyers. As mothers and wives, they know what it’s like to have a family and they bring a consideration and care to their profession. “I like being able to help,” says Angela. “A client will come to us in the worst part of their life, second only to death; the death of a relationship. They can often be very lost and have no direction or ability to see what the future may hold, but I get to be part of the transformation process where I can not only help solve the problems, but see that they now are able to look at their future and forward.” Liz adds, “We get our clients through often very dreadful situation efficiently. We do it quickly if we can, things aren’t always quick in this jurisdiction, but we always give options and we try to look for the options that are going to get them a response as quickly and cost effectively as possible.” The pair stress that coming to a family lawyer, doesn’t always mean you have to go to court. “The sooner they get advice about their rights, the more likely we can protect them and create a strategy that’s going to give them the best outcome,” says Liz. Dedication, approachability and a wealth of knowledge and experience make Catton and Tondelstrand Lawyers the family law specialists you want on your side.  ]]>